“Culture spring”. Three days of free thinking to restore human relationships

Over the weekend, Bolsena will host the “Cultural Spring”, a festival of artistic and cultural revival, organized by the National Student Network. Three days of art, culture, free thought and beauty, to regain the human relationships that have been lost in the virtual world, and to plan a better future together. The convent of Santa Maria del Giglio, the old SS church. Salvatore and “Val di Sole” Camping in Bolsena will be the first places where humanity recovers.

Young people have been hardest hit by the pandemic and its political control. They were left in their rooms, taking online courses, unable to see and touch each other, forced to freeze their life plans. The cage in the screen, they have organized themselves to respond to the attempted destruction of life that the current system is carrying out. Their answer is one and only one: rebirth! The three days include an exhibition of visual arts, theater, literature, cinema, outdoor classes with university professors, classical and modern music concerts.

Among the guests will be Franco Fracassi, Federica Ipsaro Passione, Leonardo Spina, Fabrizio Masucci, Marina Simeone, Stefano Dal Bianco, Clery Celeste, Giulio Milani, Giorgio Bianchi, Thea Crudi, Federica Ziarelli, Claudia Cipriani, Lello Voce, Lorenzo Maria Pacini. From Bolsena, the young people launch an appeal to the whole community: There can be no ‘restart’ without rebirth. And there is no rebirth without culture, reflection and art, to return to the roots of man and from there start again and rebuild.

Bolsena will be the beginning of this recovery and Primavera will not end with the end of the season as it is a long term awakening program. The event is reserved for members of the Point of View Association and the Idea Association. To sign up for the membership, simply go to the website www.primaveraculturale.org.

Below is the complete program for the initiative:

Friday, May 13th
The castle square
16.30 – 17.15 Folk dance

The old SS church. Savior
17.30 Festival opening: cello duo with Davide Da Dalto and Manfredi Rotondi
18 – 19.30 Screening of the documentary: “The Factory of the Revolutions” by Franco Fracassi
21 – 23 debate with Franco Fracassi and Federica Ipsaro Passione

Saturday, May 14th
Convent of Santa Maria del Giglio
10 Inauguration of the visual arts exhibition, cello concert and introduction by the sponsor ISU Centro Studi.
10.30 “The search for beauty in education: from the classical age to the teaching of today” with Prof. Marina Simeone
11 -13 Conf-show “Healing from laughing” by Leonardo Spina
11 – 13 “Breathe” Sports Theater Workshop by Elena Amore
11 – 12 Workshop “Practice for bodily presence and emotional liberation” by Marco Rajani
12 – 13 Art therapy workshop for the art group of students
12 – 13 Workshop “Practices of movement for the everyday” by Edoardo Rajani
14 – 14.30 Presentation of the book: “The reflection that kills” by Romualdo Meo
14.30 – 15 Presentation of the book: “Fragments” by Giorgia Palmieri
15.30 – 16.30 Meeting with Giulio Milani publisher. Presentation of the publishing house “Transeuropa” between culture and disagreement. Readings by Francesca Bartellini Moech, author and author.
15.30 – 16.30 “Ennio Flaiano: the freedom of culture and the worship of freedom”. With Fabrizio Masucci, Head of Culture. Readings by Mario di Fonzo
16.30 – 17.30 Reading of poems: Stefano Dal Bianco, Clery Celeste, Simone Burratti

Camping Val di Sole
19 – 20.30 Meeting with Giorgio Bianchi, photojournalist and documentary filmmaker
21 Concert “Peace, love, meditation” with Thea Crudi
22 Concert with Sara Pievani
22.30 Tomoya, DJ set

Sunday, May 15th
Convent of Santa Maria del Giglio
9 – 10 Yoga class with Sara Brunacci
10 – 12 Screening of the film “The Gospel According to Matthew” by Pier Paolo Pasolini
10 – 11 Lesson of the children in Florence: “Digital miscommunication”
11 – 12 Poetry reading: Lello Voce, Federica Ziarelli, Marco Zuccaro

Convent of Santa Maria del Giglio
14 – 15 Conference “Spring of the Communities, Self-Realization of Territories”
14 – 16 Screening of the film “Pino – Random Life of an Anarchist” by Claudia Cipriani
15 – 16 Philosophy lesson “To flourish in the midst of the storm” with Professor Lorenzo Maria Pacini
16.30 – 17.30 Workshop “Movement practice for everyday life” by Edoardo Rajani

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