“Culture and engines” is back with a historic anniversary: ​​the 75th anniversary of Ferrari from Piacenza

“Culture and engines” is back with a historic anniversary: ​​the 75th anniversary of Ferrari from Piacenza

After two years of forced cessation, Cultura e Motori is back, the event – now in its eighteenth edition – which proposes the polytechnic’s Piacenza campus as a center for cultural aggregation as well as university education in engineering and architecture. The faculty seat is a beautifully restored 16th-century building used for teaching and research activities at Milano Polytechnic.

Here are the details of the event, as reported in the press release, organized by Politecnico di Milano (Piacenza office) with Piacentino Automotoveicoli d’Epoca Club, and uses the support of ASI’s Kulturkommission – Automotoclub Storico Italiano and with cooperation and protection of Piacenza municipality and Province of Piacenza.

The initiative
The initiative is the result of the collaboration between the university and Cpae, Club Piacentino Automotoveicoli d’Epoca, and is inspired by the passion for everything that revolves around the world of engines, or the history of technology.

The “cultural” side
Along with an exhibition of vehicles at the Piacenza headquarters of Polytechnic, Culture and Motors, each year proposes a technical presentation, but with an informative cut, aimed at an audience of enthusiasts, but not limited to lovers of the genre or only to technicians and engineers. In short, suitable for a pleasant and interesting deal even for those approaching the themes of historical and sporting motorsport for the first time.

This year … back to school!
We are experiencing a moment of strong change in private mobility and in everything involving vehicles, of which we have followed the historical, sporting and industrial events with interest and passion. The decisions of the international community to drastically reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, in order to limit “global warming” due to the greenhouse effect, impose a real revolution in transport. The various car manufacturers are repeatedly announcing ever closer dates of farewell to thermal engines. But are we really ready for this revolution? Are we properly informed about the social, geopolitical, industrial and infrastructural consequences that such a change will inevitably entail?
Cultura e Motori will address these general issues this year and try to provide “secular” information correctly about the current scenario or simply to help those who do not know what their next car will look like. But “everyone in school” for us also means remembering and improving motorsport training formulas, which have allowed many drivers to “gain experience” from karts to Formula 1, and many small manufacturers have evolved and become important international realities.
And then we’ll talk about how school gives you the opportunity to face incredible challenges, and gives you the tools to excel in engineering.

75 YEARS WITH “PIACENTINA” FERRARI – To commemorate the debut in our city 75 years ago of the Ferrari race, on May 11, 1947 at the Piacenza Circuit. The new Ferrari Formula 1 single seats, which finally won after difficult years, bears a capital “F1 75” letter on the side. The 75 remembers his debut at Faxal.
We will inaugurate a photographic exhibition in the prestigious Palazzo Farnese Museum to illustrate all the images from that special day 75 years ago, thanks to the photo session created by Studio Croce and commissioned by the organizer and pilot of Piacenza Emilio Fioruzzi.
Wonderful pictures of a city that was recovering from the devastation of the war, and which “christened” a car that from then on became a myth.


Friday, May 13, 2022
Piacenza office – Milano Polytechnic – School of Industrial and Information Engineering – Via Scalabrini, 76 – Piacenza
From 9.00 to 18.00: Exhibition of cars, slides.
15.30: Technical conferences
– “Electric and hybrid cars: Past, present and future”.
Lorenzo Morello, Vice President of the ASI Culture Commission, former Fiat Group Vehicle Engineering Director and lecturer in Automotive Engineering at Torino Polytechnic.
– “At the service of” car design: Stola, an Italian story “
Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola, StudioTorino, IED – European Institute of Design Turin
– “The electric car in competitions” – Team Formula SAE – Politecnico di Milano

Saturday, May 14, 2022
Piacenza office – Milano Polytechnic – School of Industrial and Information Engineering – Via Scalabrini, 76 – Piacenza
From 9.00 to 17.00: Exhibition of cars, slides.
10.00: Technical conferences.
– Everyone at school – Round Table led by Patrizio Cantù, journalist and team leader:
– Siegfried Stohr, driving from Kart to Formula 1, safe and sporty driving school
– Oscar De Vita, designer and record holder of Bertone’s record-breaking ZER electric car (1994)
– Gianmaria Aghem, Champion in Historic Cars race and record holder with BLIZZ Primatist (2021)

Public corridor (fax)
12.00 celebration of the 75th anniversary of Ferrari’s debut, in front of the memorial.
• Ferrari rally, parade along the route to the old circuit and in the city center.

Palazzo Farnese – Citizens’ Museums
13.00 Exhibition of Ferrari cars
15.30 Inauguration of the photo exhibition “A promising failure” – Ferrari 75 “

Intervention from Michele Monno, professor at the Polytechnic

Culture and engines – Everyone in school!

“A promising failure” – Photo exhibition

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