Covid, IdeaScuola: “For September 2022, Italian schools fear the same scenario as in 2020”

“We have known Sars Cov2 for more than two years now, and in many respects it is still a mystery to be studied and solved, but we have some certainties about the virus and the epidemiological situation in Italy that can not make us be safe, “declares IdeaScuola Vice President Stefania Sambataro.

The fixed points to which it refers are of common and abundant national and international scientific evidence:

  • Sars Cov 2 is an airborne virus that is contained both in the droplets (saliva droplets that are deposited within 2 m of the subject who emits them) and in the aerosol (which covers distances up to 10 m and remains in suspension in the air even for a long time ) from the infected individual to each respiratory action;
  • the wide spread of the infection promotes the development of variants that are not automatically less dangerous, such as the new Omicron B4 and B5, which from the first international indications appear to bypass both vaccine and natural immunity;
  • Vaccines, our major allies in recent months, do not sterilize and, above all, lose their effectiveness over time; the third dose for children over 12 years of age (if any) goes back to December 2021 / January 2020.
  • the vaccination campaign for children did not pick up speed as hoped, the vaccination coverage in the 5-10 year interval is very low, stops at 30%, the second dose goes back to January 2022 and there are no indications of a possible recall.
  • immunity given by natural infection with Omicron has a very short lifespan, as evidenced by the increasing number of re-infections.
  • the vaccine for children under 5 years of age is awaiting approval, so at the moment this age group is completely covered.

“In light of these objective and irrefutable elements, if no measures are taken this summer for ventilation in schools to improve the air quality in the classrooms and reduce the risk of infection, we will in September 2022 stand unarmed in front of Sars Covid2 as a September 2020 ″, explains Sambataro “sbecause we have already effectively eliminated the distance (today it is only recommended), stopped the Test-Trace-Isolate program (from February 2022), reduced the quarantines to the leg and endangered the use of masks, we would start next year’s school with more infectious variants of the virus, without vaccine protection or too weak, because it was carried out 9 months earlier and without remedial action;“.

The objection to IdeaScuola’s views comes from other groups / associations of parents whose reference experts assure that Sars Covid2 has a charitable course towards children. But as the number of infections increases, so does the severity of cases among children.

Some data on all: in the 4 months between September and December ’21 there were only 2 deaths, in the following four months, between January and April ’22, as many as 21. The total pediatric admissions in December ’21 were about 9,000 , the number doubled only in the following 4 months. Without forgetting LongCovid and Mis-C, for which there is no real database in Italy, we also do not know the long-term effects of the virus. In short, it’s like playing Russian roulette with a child’s health.

Still, the solution to reducing the risk of infection in classrooms is there.

The international (and national, reference Marche Region survey by the Hume Foundation) shows how an air change of more than 6 volumes / hour reduces the risk of infection by more than 80%.
The benefits are many: not only reduced risk of infection from Sars coV2“- concludes Sambataro -“but also of any airborne pathogen, including rhinovirus, adenovirus, influenza, and others with reduced days of absence from school and work; as well as allergens and pollutants. Controlling CO2 allows the reduction of problems related to headaches, tachycardia, vomiting but also attention and learning disorders. The constant control of the temperature finally guarantees the energy efficiency of school buildings “.

It is still:”We have been waiting for guidelines on air quality in schools since 2010 (Gard 1, Min Sal), to which the latest L 11 of 18/2/22 has been added. We honestly do not understand all this delay, September is upon us and we believe that the health of our children and our teachers deserves absolute priority.

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