Brescia, new social housing for children with primary immunodeficiency

Brescia. A new social housing project will be inaugurated on Saturday 14 May at 11 of Primitive Immunodeficiencies OdV i via Galvani 18.
A structure that will be able to accommodate the youngest patients, especially with primary immune defects, congenital pathologies of the immune system – which require a long hospital stay – and their families.
Often patients with primary immune deficiencyespecially the little ones, need treatments or tests that sometimes require a very long period of hospitalization and proximity to hospitals.
In these cases, parents spend most of the day with them in the hospital, but then, as is right and natural, they also need a place that welcomes them, which can give them a few hours of rest, the opportunity to Cook. meal hot meal, to meet the normal needs of a family, in short: a house. And the opportunity to find a quiet and safe place to live is one of the needs that our members manifest most often.
Hence the idea of ​​being able to offer housing to parents who need it during the periods when their children are hospitalized.

The initiative was developed with the non-conditioning contribution by KedrionBiopharma and thanks to a deep synergy that has continued since the founding of the association, with the pediatric clinic at AO Spedali Civili in Brescia. A story that began with Professor Ugazio and Professor Duse, continued with Professor Plebani and who now sees the active, involved and expert participation of Raffaele Badolato, director of pediatrics at the hospital, a reference point for pathologies at national and international level.

“When we asked ourselves where and how in order to embark on this pilot project, the answer was immediately obvious to us. AIP OdV was actually born 30 years ago in Brescia. The city, where for a long time within the pediatric ward of the orphanage, which is part of the Asset Spedali Civili, there are medical specialists, who mainly deal with immune deficiencies. In Brescia is the headquarters of our association, an apartment located a few steps from the hospital. Thanks to Covid and the opportunity for our secretary to work externally, these premises are not used today. So, we said to ourselves, why not think about converting these spaces into «Casa di Lino Globulino»? explains the association.
“From thought to implementation it did not take long, the apartment was carefully furnished and set up to become an inviting home (with two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and a living room) for families with their children treated in the hospitalization territory facilities “.

“The goal – it is explained – is to create an overnight solution “Family-friendly” that responds to the needs of the family and young patients undergoing treatment and their (if any) brothers and sisters. We believe that being able to offer housing, in the light of a free offer that those who want to use it would like to recognize the association, meets an increasing need for support in terms of the social and economic costs that families who are in a state of proper fragility. to the pathology of their children, they have to face every day. “” Lino Globulino, the superhero of primitive immune defects, was the clue in the design of the apartment, “explained President Alessandro Segato.
A special thank you goes to the Association “Being a Child”, with which we speak for the operational co-operation of public housing.

The inauguration will be attended by the Mayor of Brescia Emilio Del Bono, the Substitute of the City of Brescia Don Daniele Faita, the Medical Director of the Children’s Hospital of Brescia Dr. Mauro Ricca, the provincial president of the AVIS Gabriele Pagliarini and other civilian authorities and local volunteer work.

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