Bread statues and sculptures on display at Antica Tenuta Scarpa

Bread statues and sculptures on display at Antica Tenuta Scarpa

Straight from women and men created with a food “material” for everyday use: the bread.
The artist’s original sculptures Matteo Lucca will be exhibited from kl May 21 to June 12 in the land of Barbera, to Antica Tenuta Scarpa in Nice Monferrato (Asti), where art and wine have joined forces since last year to give life to a cultural journey in contemporary art. “Brotraum”the bread room, is the third agreement with art proposed by the winery in Nice after the exhibitions «Calici e Tessuti» and «Convivium».
The dedication is Saturday, May 21 at 6:30 p.m. with a tasting of Scarpa wines.

The set-up with the bread bodies sculpted by Lucca wants to revive the concept of the Wunderkammer, the rooms in the wonders of the Renaissance, the studios where expertise was stored and precious objects to show to curious guests. It is precisely in common with these delicate objects that the bread bodies on display remind us of the fragility of a material that is so simple, but so important and indispensable, which has always been synonymous with nourishment for the peoples of the world.

There will also be an exhibition of bread at Crova Palacewith the permission of Nice Monferrato municipality: «A beautiful synergy between wine, art and territory – he says Davide Champion, new CEO of the winery – which we will continue this year to support young new artists. The exhibitions are an extra opportunity for the many visitors and tourists who in recent months have been hiking in our hills and looking for a combination of culture and food and wine.

“Art is a wealth that also attracts different target groups, and as an administration we are happy that the need is felt – adds the culture councilor in Nice Monferrato municipality Ausilia Quaglia – the widespread cultural offer in the area makes our beautiful city more attractive, and we thank Scarpa Winery for the completed cultural journey “.

«Bread – explains the artist Matteo Lucca – is full of symbols and meanings that touch human life in its history, in popular traditions, in folk culture, up to the religious and spiritual traditions. So for me, using bread is a way of describing man in his various aspects, as a body and as an existential journey ”.

«To Cantina Scarpa – comments the curator Matteo Chincarini – I wanted an artist who could enter into a dialogue with the product made in these rooms, and what better material than bread can enter into a dialogue with wine. A combination in secular terms that describes an inseparable association that has always been present in human cultural history. Matteo Lucca interprets this material with delicacy, respects its history and gives it new life ».

The exhibition remains open to the public until June 12. The visit is included in the tasting. You can book on the website More info: 0141721331


Matteo Lucca was born in Forlì and educated at Bologna Academy. His research appears in the first works focusing on the human body and face, which pass through various materials such as lead, copper and substances and only finally arrive at bread. They are dry bodies, without water, fragile and volatile like bread. Smells like bread. Bodies forged and cast by the element of fire that characterize them signified by its strong presence, as if to confirm man’s fragility towards nature. Thus Lucca’s works were born. From the ground. From fire. From wheat. Lucca’s works immediately strike and make us reflect in the historical reality of our species. Bread is the food of brotherhood and division par excellence, and at the same time an inevitable symbol of rebellion in difficult and revolutionary moments. Bread and art are therefore united here by the desire to be nourishment for the other, the artist thus externalizes the desire to offer himself. The artist has exhibited in Naples, Berlin, Perugia, Düsseldorf, Bologna and in various collective exhibitions.

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