Beautiful hairdressers with designer interiors

Architects and decorators give a cut to anonymous toilets and helmets 90s: in hair salons The interior changes their look and communicates the creative spirit of the team also through palettes and materials. Hairdressers and makeup artists turn to project professionals to translate their inspiration even into the space, focusing on the surprise effect and on new services designed for loyal clients and globetrotters with a passion for style. For the designers, it is a compelling challenge and an area to experiment in: in fact, the new aesthetic codes are still being developed in the sector, and the only rule is an extreme attention to functionality and paths. From the meeting of hairdressers and interior designers, unprecedented spaces, colorful or in raw concrete, robotic like a set of a dystopian film or hyper inviting are created.

Photo by Mikael Olsson


A Diavolo for Capello salonen a Cortona it looks like a modern art gallery. In the small town on the border between Tuscany and Umbria, Studio Svetti playing with cultured quotes to define an environment in balance between graphics 1980s and aesthetics Memphis. In the middle of the room it dominates and maxi optical yellow cube which houses the washing units in black leather and ceramic. Among the furniture is also Chair-One from Magis with a concrete base that defines a minimal and postmodern atmosphere.


Bet on fluo gul the hairdressers of Mitch to Melbourne. Designed by Danielle Brustmanthe interior of the salon they reflect a contemporary atmosphere with a focus on the smart lifestyle, where one is increasingly connected and active. A large table is provided for this work on the computer while keeping the color in place, but also stations separated by glass wings – obviously yellow – to ensure privacy and distancing. The reception desk is also the color of the sun, while the sculptural chandelier provides white tentacles is a seventies piece that interacts well with the floor in rough concrete.


On the contrary, the look rough and industrial is the strong point of LIM a Osakasigned by Schematic Architects. Steel frames, transparent PVC curtains and mirrors that slide on pulleys create the atmosphere in a warehouse. The large open space of over 500 square meters can be easily “emptied” to host large events. Hyper-functional and without concessions to decoration, it perfectly embodies the ugly lesson less is more if the acronym gives the place the name.


Experiment with the study solution Antillón house for Mood Hair Salon by Madrid. In the five-by-ten-meter rectangular room, the architects covered the walls with reflective galvanized steel and spray-painted the ceilings where the systems run with mint green insulation foam, reinforced by neon tubes and curved mirrors at full height. The result is surprising for its simplicity and character.


Westblom Krasse Arkitektkontor was inspired by the work of Carlo Scarpaabove all to its pure geometries, to define the interior of Little Factory a Stockholm. The space has been “cleared” by bringing the building’s load-bearing elements back into view, the four columns set the pace for mirrors and armchairs for the treatments. The palette, in ivory and light blue tones with lobster accents, is reminiscent of the bathrooms and swimming pools of the early twentieth century in an unprecedented mix of suggestions.


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