Automatic distribution, Venditalia pushes restart

That 2021 was ityears for the turning point for the sector of Italian automatic distribution which had positive signs compared to 2020, when the sector had lost more than 30% due to the closure and closure of schools, offices, universities and public administrations. The recovery was sensitive and it vending machine in fact, it ended the year with a turnover of 1.435 billion euros, which was a growth of 12.11% and consumption also increased by 10.5% (3.7 billion) and the machinery grew by + 2%.

Study data Ipsos to Confidencethe Italian Automobile Association – presented to Venditalia, Worldwide Vending Showthe most important international event dedicated to automatic distribution underway at Fieramilanocity until 14 Mayphotograph a context that, although it has not yet reached pre-pandemic figures in 2019, provides an important trend for the sector in heavy growth.

Photograph that has a concrete confirmation right at the fair on the opening day of the event, immediately filled with professional visitors and buyers attracted to the many new products and new smart applications that make it easy to use vending machine of the public and their management of companies, with a notation: now automatic distribution is extended to the various product sectors – therefore not only food, but for example work tools, screwdrivers, protective helmets, small parts for carpenters or plumbers – and, when we return to food, yes, expanded as concerns the products on sale when they ordered ad hoc before pickup and green lines, with an ever-increasing quality of the products.

The Italian vending machine with more than 30,000 employees, 3,000 companies and over 820,000 installed machines is lto the most important automatic food distribution chain in Europe and so is it leader in the production and export of machinery: 70% off vending machine produced in our country, in fact, it is exported abroad, where the technology made in Italy is highly valued and continues to develop with companies investing in innovation, technology, sustainability and design.

“The recovery that took place in 2021 and the many appearances of exhibitors as marked out of stock of the event and over 7 thousand accredited professional visitors, of which 20% are foreigners, mainly from Europe – he explains with satisfaction Massimo TraplettiPresident of Confida – certainly very positive signs confirming the sector’s commitment to tackling the crisis following the Covid-19 pandemic.
“Although the volumes of consumption and turnover are still far from the pre-pandemic figures, also thanks to the intense use of intelligent work over the last year, we expect positive results in the medium term and a market growth over the next five years. That is why it is important – Trapletti emphasizes – to continue to focus on innovation, digital and sustainable change. Venditalia, with exhibitors growing by 20% and over 300 companies present, from the most important to SMEs, is proof of this. We beat each record with this edition reflecting strength of Italian companies which is an expertise in the world with very high export percentages, which contains a lot of innovation, technological development, digital payments, touch screens, the ability to choose menus, with sustainability at the heart of their strategies.

Running recovery are the categories of cold drinks, snacks and ice cream which grew by 13.5 per cent. In particular, water consumption accounts for 77% of the total category; growth was even higher for energy drinks and sports drinks (+ 31.3% and + 19.6% respectively) thanks to the gradual reopening of sports and fitness centers during 2021. fruit drinks (16%), den cold tea (17%) and carbonated beverages (12%).

During 2021 snacks they only partially recovered the sharp decline from the previous year (-40%) driven by them on chocolate (+ 17%) and spicy (+ 16.5%). The data for fresh snacks whose consumption grew by 10.6%: in particular sandwiches and sandwiches / pizzas has seen an increase of 15% and 11% respectively, photographing a reality that is very common for many, the Italians’ need to find alternative solutions for lunches in bars and restaurants that are not yet 100% active.
That coffee is confirmed queen hot drink at vending machines: in 2021, 2.2 billion was spent on a growth of 8.9%. Overall, the heating sector, which accounts for 68% of the automated market in terms of volume, showed a recovery of + 9.1% compared to the previous year: coffee, compared to the other product categories, was less affected by the crisis in 2020.

Office coffee service market, or rather it of coffee in capsules and pods, in 2021, it returned to growth both in volume with over one billion beverages (+ 7.7%) and in value with 394 million in revenue (+ 8.3%). By 2020, the market had resisted the blow of the pandemic, mainly thanks to the household channel, while by 2021, with the gradual reopening of the offices, the weight of the company’s Ocs is again growing (73% of the sector).

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