At the Superdesign Show between multiculturalism and ‘green’

Women in work, in art, in design. It also returns from the scene of the press conference Superdesign Showthe theme, which seems to be topical in light of the recent controversies following the statements, later withdrawn by stylist and entrepreneur Elisabetta Franchi, about the role of women in the professional world, their opportunities and gender barriers.

Deployment on stage by the company team, almost all women and of different ages, hostess and director of the event Gisella Borioli has made clear its view on the matter. By his side the art director Giulio Cappellini under whose leadership Fuorisalone organized by Superstudio Group will continue the reflection on sustainability with ‘Super green‘, development of a series of exhibitions launched with’ SuperLoft ‘dedicated to the Italian house,’ SuperHotel ‘,’ SuperCampus’ with the theme of large corporate headquarters. “Pandemic Cappellini commented during his speech – has stimulated a new use of the open space, a vision of nature as a gathering place, but also work as it happens on large campuses that provide open spaces where you can meet and relax ”. Italian and international companies were involved in the project.

Topic dear to Borioli, female creativity will be the protagonist of ‘Women & Design‘through the presentation of fourteen designers and the creations that speak for most of them. Established names or talented designers each present themselves through a single newer type of product, a kind of “creative self-portrait”.

“It will be the exhibition of connections that film”, says the cultural councilor, Tommaso Sacchi, emphasizing how the whole event in Fuorisalone and Salone del Mobile has a strong value of returning to direct contact, to the exchange of ideas. Ideas that will come from many countries in the world guarantee the multiculturalism that is typical of the district via Tortona and beyond. An ad hoc section will also be dedicated to international design, ‘Global design‘where there will be ample room for oriental proposals with’ Asian Impact ‘.

Strong participation, this year, for Eastern European designers and companies that “in the 50s and 60s – Cappellini remembers – was characterized by the strong fermentation in, and where today a new generation emerges that draws on just that heritage, but with new visions of design and architecture“.

During the conference, there was no shortage of thoughts about the humanitarian tragedy in Ukraine, whose help Tommaso Borioli together with his Russian-born girlfriend Nadia Safronova, he launched a project that now sees 33 Ukrainian mothers, grandmothers and children as guests in the reception center in via Negrotto. In addition, the Ukrainian company Nun will be present in the Superstudio rooms, which, despite the difficulties, wanted to be there with its products because “no war can stop design“.

It is impossible to list all the installations that can be visited at the Superdesign Show, but a mention goes to the collective exhibition, all female, “Urban Matter (s) -Material Reduction for a Lighter City” collective curated by Materially speaking which proposes solutions and guidelines to the problems and major issues associated with urban life, beginning with the reduction of the impact from emissions, energy or the materials themselves. And “Ese …?” which teaches us how everything can come back to life in a continuous cycle of virtue. “Sustainability is an essential aspect of the architectural project – ends Monica Tricario from Puarch study who built a 13-storey wooden building within Mind -. The construction sector is responsible for 40% of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. There are technologies to make the sector sustainable, but they have a cost that must be taken into account to regenerate the planet. We are far behind“.

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