680 students from Val Seriana on the saddle for “Bike and school together”

680 students from 4th grade of 31 primary schools in the Val Seriana area: this is the number of those enrolled in the fifteenth edition of Bicycle and school togetherthe event under the motto “Cycling is good for the body, a helmet is good for the head!“Come back Thursday 19 May on the wave of success of previous editions.

A morning of sports and games strongly desired by the large organizing committee, consisting of the sports councils of the municipal administrations, the leaders of the cycling companies and the teachers of the primary schools of the Upper, Middle and Lower Val Seriana coordinated by Promoserio, who then restarted the complex organizational mechanism in recent months involving schools, municipal administrations, the municipal police consortium, the bicycle companies in the Middle and Upper Valley, and the many volunteers. A host of topics committed to demonstrating that by collaborating with enthusiasm and competence, it is possible to concretely create an event that is truly educational and ecologically sustainable, as well as completely safe.

The goals for “Bike and school together”

Bicycle and school together in fact, it was created to encourage the use of bicycles as a way of life and as a sport: to be practiced whenever possible, but always in complete safety. Because cycling is synonymous with much more: ecological activity, strengthening the spirit of sport intended as play, education, amalgamation and cooperation to the detriment of the purely competitive aspect and marginalization of those less attracted to competitive sports.

And especially, Bicycle and school together are born from the idea to nothing is better than a day of sports and play to learn the value of topics that are as important as they are educational. In addition to all this, the event this year also wants to launch another good message: the importance of ensuring children the right to social interaction and playto teach them (and all those involved) how to behave properly, in accordance with the applicable rules and without having to give up a little carefree.

Program and positions of 19 May

So, Thursday 19 May green light for many activities: the students, accompanied by their teachers, will during the morning be engaged in gymkane, cyclocross, band track, nature trail and road teaching course, held by the local police. eight stations planned and set up along the Val Serianaidentified to encourage the participation of all schools and to enable them to reach the scene of the event by bicycle, accompanied by local police and volunteers.

The stations will be at Villa di Serio in the volunteer park, at dinners on the bike path / municipal sports field, in Albino at Prato Alto, in Cazzano Sant’Andrea at the middle schools, in Ponte Nossa at Ramello Park, in Clusone at the Prati Mini Sports Center, at Educational Farm and in Ogna Park and finally in Rovetta, by the swimming pool parking lot.

Bike and School Together will take place simultaneously at these eight locations on the morning of Thursday, May 19, 2022. In the event of bad weather, the event will be postponed to Thursday, May 26.

31 schools participating in the initiative: Pradalunga, Cornale, Villa di Serio, Paritaria San Giuseppe di Alzano, Vertova, Fiorano al Serio, Colzate, Cene, Gazzaniga, Paritaria Sant’Angela di Fiorano al Serio, Albino, Desenzano, Vall ‘Alta , Bondo, Istituto Sant’Anna, Leffe, Cazzano Sant’Andrea, Gandino, Casnigo, Ponte Nossa, Parre, Gorno, Clusone, Gromo, Ardesio, Gromo S. Marino, Gandellino, Rovetta, Onore, Songavazzo og Castione della Presolana.

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