5G as an engine for culture and innovation. The meeting in Florence

The third nomination of Tour For 5G organized by Optimists and Rationals Foundation (FOR) And Inwit. Following the stops in Naples and Rome, the Forum of Experts and Representatives of the Institutions arrives in Florence

Tour For 5G continues, a cycle of meetings along the boot created to shed light on the potential of 5G technology. These are appointments that take place in the country’s most innovative cities with the main characters following the national digitization process.

Pnrr, Following the strategic axes of innovation, ecological transformation and social inclusion, it focuses on technology to relaunch growth and radically improve the competitiveness of the economy, business models and human life. In this development, cities will play an increasingly central role in achieving the ambitious goals of the plan and contributing to the definition of a digital future.

5G is central to these processes because, thanks to its speed, connectivity and low latency, it enables new technologies that have a significant impact in every sector, from health to industry, from PA to transport, from energy to tourism. 5G will also be a key factor in enabling more sustainable cities that provide the necessary connection for smart mobility, for smarter public services and buildings, as well as for better control of energy consumption, which contributes to reducing emissions.

Live from Palazzo Medici Riccardi in Florence, President of the Optimists and Rationals Foundation Claudio Velardi, recalled how the city is an example of dialogue on an international scale, culture and innovation. A place where 5G could enhance the vast artistic and cultural heritage it possesses.

The mayor of Florence opened the work Dario Nardelladeclares: “Florence is the most digital city in Italy for the second year in a row according to the ICityRank index. Here we have always believed in new technologies, as tools to make public services increasingly accessible and citizen-friendly. But we are not happy with the first in “and we must continue to invest in innovation. PNRR is an important opportunity to take further steps in the technological growth of our cities”. In Florence, the mayor continued to unite culture, sustainability and innovation perfectly to achieve the goals of the NRP and lead the digital transition that requires widespread use of 5G.

Inwit, which together with FOR has promoted this touring tour dedicated to the binomial of the 5G territories, is teaming up with Florence to create a truly digital, robust, innovative and socially shared ecosystem capable of improving the city in all its forms. He told it Giovanni FerigoCEO of Inwit, according to which: “To truly transform Florence into a Smart City, it is therefore necessary: rcreate an efficient, fast and efficient wireless network in very crowded areas with reception problems, improve the coverage and spread of 5G signals, enabling highly innovative services to be provided to users also to implement a capillary control of the cultural and infrastructural heritage and streamline and debureaucratize the processes approved according to government indications “.

To take a shot at a more innovative Florence, Ferigo explained, it is necessary to aim for a strong digital planning of the city that is able to create connections in respect and reinforcement of the artistic and cultural heritage that characterizes the city. In addition, 5G, he recalled, is made for the environment, it is a flywheel of sustainable innovation that allows us to digitize while protecting the beauties and urban heritage.

It’s of the same idea Cecilia Del ReCouncilor for Urban Planning, Environment, Urban Agriculture, Tourism, Trade Fairs and Congresses in Florence, according to which “Technology can be of great support in the administration of cities. We already use it for optimizing water resources thanks to smart irrigation projects, for waste management and to the mobility sector, where we have introduced electricity and sharing solutions. The city is dynamic, in motion: The municipality’s task is to plan the coverage of the connection in the territory and keep an eye on the protection of the landscape. ”

Florence is an icon of beauty and art for the whole world, where the Uffizi are a cornerstone of the Italian cultural heritage. The director of the Gallery Eike Schmidt in fact, he reflected on the importance of digital technology for the museum sector. The advancement of technology and the meta-verse will in this sense be fundamental to the cultural sector in an increasingly integrated perspective between virtual worlds and real worlds. “A great opportunity also for our area, which we must be ready to face,” he concluded.

The fashion sector, an expertise from Made in Italy, will be able to benefit from the development of fifth generation networks. Antonella MansiPresident of the Florence Center for Italian Fashion, has in fact noted that “The development of 5G will be crucial to innovate one’s production processes, especially thanks to the development of enabling technologies that will accelerate all phases of industrial processes, right from production of yarn for dyeing them, which increases the productivity and quality of the goods “.

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