Yoga and children: when to start and contraindications

On the surface, it seems like an adult discipline, in reality it is yoga it also fits well children; it is useful for physical and mental well-being: let’s see what the main benefits are, at what age we should start, and whether there are contraindications.

Yoga and children: when to start?

That children’s yoga it is not the same as for adults. It actually needs kids more stimuli And they lose more let there concentration. Therefore, the suggestions for the little ones are often rejected movement activities, games, simple asanas (for the uninitiated, asanas are the positions of yoga) combined with song, music, dance, storytelling.

That teachers they must be good to involve kids and take them to asanas in a fun way, through guided movements, slow and sweet. That lessons they usually last a while from half an hour to an hour and a halfdepends on age. They end However, with relaxation sessions typical of yoga.

But which the right age to start this so fascinating discipline? Although its principles can be acquired from a few months of life, it is nevertheless advisable to start from 3 years; that is, since when the child has already achieved a certain psychomotor and linguistic development. It must have that too started at least primary school, not to suffer too much from being separated from my mother.

Yoga is specified especially for children with hyperactivity or much aggressive and anxious. After a year of practice, they can be achieved excellent results: you see a bigger one sensitivity, discipline, awareness and a decrease in aggression.

The benefits of yoga for children

That yoga for children is more and more widespread; contrary to what one might think, children they are having fun and they draw more benefits, mental and physical. Lately some schools and various sports centers they suggest it as a motor training activity.

So let’s see what main benefits yoga for children. Yoga practice allows on the one hand to do physical exerciseaffects the heart and thus improves circulation cardiovascular, theequilibriumelasticity and muscle tone.

From the point of view of mental well-being and psychological, yoga getting better the ability to pay attention and the concentration; children learn to be aware of each part of your bodywhich they learn to control, as well as their own breathing; finally, especially the most impulsive, inattentive, and hyperactive children learn to control yourself and stay calm. Yoga finally helps reduce anxiety, stress And aggression.

Positions and asanas suitable for children

What is best rankings yoga to children? There is simple which you can also try to do from home, looking at gods video on YouTube, where you can follow the teacher who gives the instructions. Many positions are inspired by animals, such as marine. Or there are other animal positions such as the dog, the turtle, the snake, the camel, the cat.

The latter, the the cat’s position, for example, it is a favorite among children. You just have to stay beware not to make him bow too much back. This position services heating andstretching of the muscles throughout the spine.

The tree is another very popular position. It involves standing with the feet together, the back straight and the abdomen in, the shoulders relaxed with the arms sliding naturally along the body. At this point, lift one foot and bring it in contact with the thigh on the opposite leg (or calf). Once the balance is achieved, the hands are brought to the chest and then over the head.

Are there any contraindications?

There is contraindications to yoga? Before enrolling a child in a yoga class, you must, of course, pass one pediatric visit.

If the child is cold, it is preferable to avoid stretching. Of course too fever or abdominal pain constitute contraindications to practicing the yoga session.

In general, yoga has no contraindications for a healthy child. Sure, I do risks are higher if lessons yoga is made at home, maybe online, without To have one teacher present (and competent) who can correct positions or Give advice and personalized baby tips.

Finally, as with all activities that involve movement of the body, so is yoga preliminary heating is requiredto prevent minor damage or muscle tears.

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