“Tourism is culture”, “teamwork has brought results”

The terms of the public proclamation “Tourism is culture 2022 -2023” opens on May 16, where there is an exceptional financial grant: three million euros! Last week was the presentation of the announcement that most of all characterized the activity of the regional tourism and culture department. It is a brand that in the regional territory from 2018 to today has characterized the events that have the potential to attract tourists to our territory.
“Tourism is culture”, the important marketing operations at national and international level, with a “network” between institutions, associations and stakeholders, have in the last two years led to flattering results for tourist presence.
“We devised the format four years ago, together with President Toma, when we took office, and it was one of the most innovative and decisive actions to awaken the whole territory,” comments Councilor Vincenzo Cotugno with satisfaction. “An idea – he continues – conceived to be able to raise and encourage the regional tourist and cultural offer by trying to seasonally adjust it to promote tourism, which is present all year round. Tourism and culture, a perfect combination that we have combined to allow for significant economic development. And so it was! ‘
From 2018 to today, around eight million euros in regional co-financing for events, meaning a total of 16 million euros spent on events and territorial promotion, which represents the most important amount ever invested in these sectors since Molise’s birth to date!
“Everything was organized according to a logic and a serious planning from the beginning – emphasizes Cotugno, who analyzes what has been implemented since 2018 – the birth of the tender, the launch of the general states that produced the first, basic, strategic plan for. tourism and culture, the network across the territory in order to create a “team”, a targeted and punctual territorial marketing strategy that has brought the name of our region around the world.Nothing is born by chance, since we joined, we had clear ideas about , how we should relaunch the two sectors, and the results showed that we were right! You all know that this year the Molise region returned to Bit in Milan – the councilor remembers – and many were the regional stakeholders who participated in different ways in the promotion activities of our territory and our artistic and environmental distinctiveness, cultural, food and wine with actions that may often seem obvious, but which, if well-articulated o g communicated when the goals set. And the first results of the more than three hundred meetings of the three days in Milan have already brought the first results. A few days ago – reveals Cotugno – I received a beautiful message from the owners of Cantine D’Uva di Larino, who told me about the visit they received from a group of over 70 tourists from Austria, which matured just at the Bit 2022 lust and the desire to visit our Molise. Here are the facts! ».
Views, those from Cotugno, which are confirmed by the new international showcase, with the tabloid “The Guardian”, which identifies Molise among the 22 ideal destinations to discover in 2022, and which confirm the forecasts of the New York Times two years ago: both have done old and outdated slogan that “Molise does not exist”, which now seems to be a thought from the last century.
Proof of this is that the territory, involved from the beginning and today aware of our region’s tourist potential, continues to deliver its ideas, its projects, always raising the bar (through the call “Tourism is culture”), and not by Coincidence shops selling Molise souvenirs are popping up in the squares and malls.
“I find it another extraordinary and significant positive sign – Cotugno continues – just as the municipalities have decided to open a tourist info point, which shows that the” vision “drawn up with the strategic tourism plan for Molise’s future finds an increasingly convincing division throughout Like dozens of administrators and stakeholders come to Palazzo Gil to collect the new tourist map of our region, which represents a small, additional communication and advertising tool, which certainly does not dare to be exhaustive in this regard, but determined to participate. in any context “.
It is important for Cotugno to be aware that Molise is becoming more and more attractive together and playing a team game, a concept that has guided the actions of the councilor from the very beginning.
“We have done a lot, there is still a lot to do, because tourism is a cross-cutting axis that encompasses all productive and commercial sectors, and if the number of residents on the one hand is a major handicap, on the other hand they can represent a 136 mayors who network, meet, dialogue, share an identity heritage to offer Italy and the world is a potential that can only be achieved as a goal with our size. , perhaps by organizing an organized marketing destination, as defined by the ‘World Tourism Organization, where ethics and profit are no longer in conflict, but become a sustainable goal. The strategic plan rediscovers our identity through the improvement of villages, products, landscape and cultural heritage, where ” the territory “,” young people “and” people “are and must be the main protagonists, and will be in the new commercial that will be broadcast on the national Rai, which in these weeks will be in reg ion for the new advertising campaign, which lasts one year. We must believe in it, and the experience of the Carpinone’s children is an example, because our region, still intact in its naturalness, can represent an ideal destination for tourists from all over the world … Not the “masses”, but those who have intends to devote itself to an “experience-oriented” tourism, which is mainly activated in the strategic tourism plan ».
The idea of ​​the vice chairman of the council is to transform Molise into a high-quality, high-end tourist destination, with a participatory and inclusive system that in 2018 represented a dream, a distant destination, but which today per. by virtue of the results, it is a possible reality.
“For this, not only financial resources are needed – Cotugno concludes – we need commitment, sharing, listening, determination, passion and pride in belonging to this country … These are the necessary ingredients to look to the future of. this region with renewed hope and confidence, to give tourists authentic feelings ».

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