The yacht with garage for Ferrari. Lazzarini Gran Turismo Mediterranea

It’s called Gran Turismo Meditarrenea, it costs nine million euros and was designed by Lazzarini Design Studio, inspired by the most exclusive cars from Maranello. On the foils it reaches 75 knots

Savina Confaloni

The inspiration for Lazzarini Design Studio’s new super-luxury yacht comes directly from Ferraris. In line with a well-established tradition, where car design is a valuable source of ideas for motorboat sailing. For example, the Tecnomar for the Lamborghini 63, which brings the performance and dynamic lightness of the very sporty Toro to the water rather than the Lexus LY 650, built together with the American shipyards Marquis Yachts and the Nuvolari Lenard design studio. The yacht with built-in supercar from Maranello, ready to enter the rear garage instead of the classic tender, is called Gran Turismo Mediterranea and was designed by designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini based on the concepts from the latest super exclusive cars from Cavallino: a very luxurious queen of the sea from 88 feet, equivalent to 26 feet; very high performance, it is able to rise on the foils (wings of the hull) and fly at 75 knots. The Roman design studio Lazzarini Design is not new to proposals of this type that launch disturbing ideas in the nautical world, such as the yacht project “Avant-garde” worth 500 million dollars, which can look like a swan in the water and lift the cockpit , or the houseboat, rather than the Jet Capsule and “Lazzarini F33 space” in carbon fiber.

Mediterranean spruce turismo: ENGINES AND DESIGN

For what should be the Ferrari of the sea, performance is fundamental: The hybrid propulsion system includes three Man v-12 engines that are capable of ensuring a maximum speed of around 140 km / h, also thanks to the materials used. Yachts and internal parts are designed in carbon fiber to limit the total mass and keep it fully loaded at around 22 tons, with a weight / power ratio that in this way allows to reach 75 knots. The yacht is reminiscent worldwide of the best-performing reds, with streamlined and angular lines, to racing details like the two gull-wing doors that allow passage from the wheelhouse to the outside area of ​​the bow area. And in the color chosen, the reference to the Maranello is clear, with the entire upper part of the yacht red, while the lower part is gray. The interior also refers to the proposals from luxury sports cars, with the wheelhouse seats resembling the seats in supercars. Below deck, the yacht has a seating area and galley midships, a main cabin in the bow and two double cabins aft. And everything can be customized completely. The design studio clarifies, however, that there is no official collaboration between the Gran Turismo Mediterranea project and Ferrari, but that the stylistic features of the Maranello hypercars were a source of deep inspiration.

THE AFT GARAGE for supercars

What they like best about the Gran Turismo Mediterranea, in connection with the car industry, is the garage. The competition area is actually designed to be a platform that is suitable for sunbathing, but above all for transporting the car, with extendable rails that allow boarding and disembarking from the quay. And to illustrate the project comes a future owner’s most welcome guest, a Ferrari SF90 Stradale, a hybrid super sports car with 1,000 horsepower and a top speed of 340 km / h.

Mediterranean luxury yacht: price

The estimated price of the Gran Turismo Mediterranea is as good as a limited edition hypercar and reaches around 9 million euros.

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