The vertical garden was born at Kassel school

The white and purple of the Solanum flowers and the green of the American wine dominate three walls of the Kassel kindergarten and primary school in District 3, where the vertical garden was created thanks to the project of the Municipality of Florence and the CR Florence Foundation. It was officially inaugurated in the presence of Mayor Dario Nardella, Councilors for the Environment Cecilia Del Re and for Education Sara Funaro and President of the CR Florence Foundation Luigi Salvadori. In the city’s schools, thanks to the contribution of the CR Firenze Foundation, 3 green walls have already been built, while 4 are being installed.

Vertical gardens help improve air quality and counteract the ‘heat island’ effect, reduce pollutants, promote environmental culture and make room for the beauty of the greenery that climbs vertically into the city. The intervention involved the walls of the entrance area, the gymnasium and the kindergarten, whereupon plants of Solanum (Solanum Jasminoides) and American vines (Parthenocissus tricuspidata) were climbed to create two-colored fronts. small hanging shrubs (vinca minor, vinca minor variegata) complete the green structure at plant level. Since it was not possible to plant the vines in the ground, the plants were placed in containers equipped with an irrigation system. The lowering boxes in the primary school were decorated with paintings about the ecology of school children.

“We will fill our schools with plants – said Mayor Dario Nardella -: let’s start doing it from the outside with gardens, parks and green walls, and then we will try to do it more and more inside too, because greenery and plants help children “Also in learning, they help them to have a healthy, beautiful and positive relationship with nature. For us, the relationship between the environment and the education of young people is fundamental”. “This project is the result of teamwork – explained the mayor – with the Department of Environment and Education and with the CR Florence Foundation and has been added to the parallel project underway in public housing coordinated by Casa spa”.

In addition to the interventions already carried out at the Kassel, Barsanti and Bargellini institutes, funded by the CR Firenze Foundation for 140 thousand euros, vertical gardens will be created at Erbastella Kindergarten, at Rucellai Kindergarten and at Papini and Poliziano first class secondarily. schools with a total of about 600 children. In detail, at the Sauro Papini School (District 3), the Green Wall will be built at the entrance to the Auditorium, an attraction for the public during events, gatherings and shows. A single type of climbing plant has been identified, the American vine, whose planting will take place partly in the ground and partly in lowering boxes. Mahogany and Hydrangea arborescens will also be planted on the ground.

At the Poliziano School (District 5), the intervention will involve the outer fence, with the installation of green walls in accordance with the panels in the noise screen, on the street in front via Morgagni, the main access axis to Careggi Hospital, recently rebuilt with ” insertion of tram line 2 : the new green wall will therefore be clearly visible to a significant number of passers-by, which also enables a climatic improvement for those traveling in the area, especially in summer with a reduction in maturity. A single type of climbing plant has been identified, Solanum, which will be planted directly on the ground. Mahogany and Hydrangea arborescens will be planted on the ground.

At Rucellai School (District 1), the construction of a green wall to cover the boundary wall is planned, as well as the installation of green wings in five-meter-high bamboo phyllospachys to articulate the school playground, in addition to the kitchen garden area in boxes. For the green wall, Rhyncospermum Jasminoides was chosen as the evergreen climber to be planted in lowering boxes. Perennial hanging herbaceous plants like vinca and ivy will be planted in the pools. At Erbastella School (District 2), a pergola with climbing plants will be built along via della Chimera to replace the awnings. A single type of climbing plant has been identified, the American vine, which will be planted directly on the ground. Mahogany and Hydrangea arborescens will be planted on the ground. The project includes not only the construction of the green walls, but also the maintenance of them for a period of two years, to ensure the correct rooting of the plants.

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