The podcasts that follow in 2021 on design and architecture

One night sixteen years ago Ben Hammersley had just closed an article about the boom in netradio at Guardian, the British newspaper, when it received a call from the desk, the team checking the pieces one last time before going to press. They needed another line or two to fill the page. So Hammersley wrote something along the lines of, “What should we call this new phenomenon? Audio blogging? Podcasting? GuerillaMedia? “. A few months later, the reporter received a call from the Oxford English Dictionary telling him that he had invented a new word: podcast.

Since then, the emergence of this medium has been disruptive. In Italy we came a little later to understand its potential, but today, also thanks to the pandemic, the suggestions are so manyAnd. As well as the themes. We, due to professional deformation, went in search of podcasts dedicated to designers and architects by profession or simply passionate about the subjects.

Among those who use it for information, who to interview prominent personalities, who to tell the lives of men and women who have written the history of the project through their works – with also “their unbearable flaws and their unbearable fragility” – and those, who, on the other hand, seems to just want to record the bar talk from three friends who are passionate about design, that’s it 9 Italian and foreign podcasts that an architect or designer can not fail to know.

The Urbanist (English)

Nominated in 2019 in the category Smartest Podcast for the British Podcast Awards that exist Urbanistenguide of Monocle – London magazine born to be a “trendy” Economist”- about cities around the world and their subcultures. The hosts are the magazine’s founding editor Andrew Tuck And Carlota Rebelowhich comes out every Monday with a five-minute mini-episode about a building, statue or park bench that reveals something about a city, and every Thursday with an approximately 30-minute episode on a specific topic in depth with mayors, architects and city planners.

Damned Architects (Italian)

For those who are curious to find out life for the greatest masters of architecturewith a look at their projects, but also at some gossip and curiositythere is Cursed architectsthe podcast with the voice from Maria Chiara Virgili“Paper architect”, as she herself defines – “because on paper I write (and do) architecture first and foremost” – who for years has worked in the sector dealing with visual communication at international studios and important fashion brands.

Then, in 2019, she discovered the world of podcasting a bit by chance, and the love broke out: “I started to wonder what I would have liked to hear – she tells us – and immediately I encountered an obvious problem: architecture you look, you live , you do, but you do not listen.I thought that was why there are not so many architecture podcasts.So I remembered how exciting they were the lives of great architects which I crossed paths with in books at university, but which I seldom had the opportunity to explore. That was the key: the work is only the result of a human journey, the end goal of an often untold journey. I thought it was worth doing, but in an original way ‘. How can you resist the architects’ charm?

Design Matters (US website)

It’s the oldest podcast circulates in the design world and is also one of the most followed in the United States. Started in 2005, Design matters brought the design world into everyone’s lives. That was what made it so popular Debbie Millman, who arrived there almost by accident: after a series of work accidents, she is offered to lead a radio program. Although he did not even know where to begin, his only request was to talk about graphic design. It was depopulated in no time. In each episode, Debbie talks to professionals from different sectors: designers, architects, artists, but also writers, curators and musicians.

Design matters
© Design Matters

Failed architecture (English)

Architectural failure (in some cases) or faulty architecture? There are two aspects that permeate the podcast Failed architecturewhich since 2011 aims to “recreate the connection between architecture and the real world”, Through a narrative that is anything but conventional. A combination of personal stories, research and reflection seeks to explore the importance of architecture in today’s society. Based on the firm belief that architecture is everything that happens after the construction of a building.

The modern house (English)

The thought behind The modern house – prestigious British real estate agency – must emphasize the importance of architecture and design inside the house, based on how light moves inside the rooms and on the objects, to get to the materials used that pass through shapes and colors. The trick is to ask guests – architects, designers, entrepreneurs, publishers, from Faye Toogood to Lucinda Chambers – to choose three of their favorite homes all over the world and tell them. It does not matter if it is a modernist masterpiece or a dilapidated cottage in a field: the important thing is to understand how the environment affects our well-being.

Caffè Design (Italian)

Let’s play at home with Caffè Design, the podcast from Julian, Nanni And Riccardo, which would like to be “a chat between three designers, without too many words”. The place is their “little bar on the internet” where every monday and thursday in three guys discuss design, marketing, innovation and the future in an informal way. It all came from a private chat, “where we posted links and commented on them: very often we did not agree, and arguing for our views always created an interesting debate,” says Nanni.

What they did, therefore, was to open that chat to the whole world and maintain a light-hearted tone, “because more than the design, it was boring, as it was told, with a decidedly redundant formality.” And to those who ask them why they have not chosen a medium that emphasizes the visual component, they answer that they would «break the design-visual association in favor of the reasoning behind». For everything else there is Instagram.

CaffèDesign20XX • Logo
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Vertical City (English)

He’s just turned five Vertical citythe podcast, which in each episode discusses different technologies and ideologies to support the further development of the concept vertical city as a potential solution to many of the biggest problems in the world today. And it does so by involving the best architects, urban planners, engineers, microbiologists, transportation and sustainability experts on the international stage. The goal is to create the foundation for one sustainable urban future.

SNAP – Imperfect Architecture (Italian)

There technology it is the first ally of the modern architectural design process: it is the starting point Roberto Marinan architect who is passionate about new technologies and who has decided to share his experiences and digital skills to bring the world of architecture into a new era.

How can our daily lives affect architecture? And what consequences will this same architecture have on our lives? Marine’s informal history winds between Building Information Technology and augmented reality, between virtual reality and parametric and algorithmic design, between the Internet of Things and the digital twin, and tries to understand what trends will be the main characters in tomorrow’s architecture.

Young Architects (English)

Young Architects was born in 2014 solely as a blog of Michael Riscica, a young architect with the desire to share his experiences and his studies to pursue that career. In time, Michael wanted to add the story to the authorship. Thus was born his podcast, where architects with different backgrounds, careers and experiences tell their stories. The starting point for each episode is therefore listen to people’s stories, which can be an inspiration to everyone. Where do they come from? Why did they choose this profession? What was it like going to architecture school? And make a career?


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