The most beautiful Netflix TV series dedicated to home, interior and design

If at the weekend you do not want to go out of town, go to exhibitions or choose from an endless selection of TV series of all kinds and formats, then you will find here some information about design documentary series. Curiosity for the eyes and training for creativity at hand Netflix.

Master in interior design

The BBC is the reality show that tells the competition between ten aspiring interior designers who challenge each other with interior restyling of residential and commercial spaces. Among test houses, chocolate-themed furniture, restaurants, hairdressing shops and sewing containers, the challengers – some of them amateur enthusiasts – show off their creativity and English flair. Undisputed judge Michelle Ogundehin, former editor-in-chief of Elle Decor UK.

Adventure interior

The home as the place of experiences. If the houses in this series from the outside seem quite ordinary buildings, the interior reveals extreme furniture that borders on real scenographies. Between gothic living rooms, pulp bedrooms, interiors that resemble boats and giant aquariums, this series tells the furniture from a playful and extreme perspective.

Grand Design

Lovers of classic products must regain Grand Design, a highly consolidated English format that tells the world of home design, after the construction of the houses from the foundation to the finished project. Kavin McCloud, now a true British TV star, follows the main characters in the episode and supports them between accounts in red and traffic accidents. The result is (almost) always worth the adventure of the competitors!

Small dream houses

American format from 2014, which was broadcast on the A&E network, this documentary series follows the journey through the USA of presenters who help – often in rural areas – families to build small but super functional and equipped houses. Minimalism reigns, and some interesting ideas can also be found for those with more traditional homes. Two seasons available.

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The challenge in this series is to furnish homes for short-term rental. Whether in big cities or in the most remote villages in the Stars and Stripes area, these houses challenge bad taste by rethinking spaces and intended uses.

The world’s most extraordinary home

Case with high quality materials and excellent design. With consequent staggering costs. These are the homes where architect Piers Taylor and real estate agent Caroline Quentin take us on the discovery. From Israeli villas with a high degree of home automation that pass through the essentials of Norwegian architecture and reach the unique character of Japanese architecture, a first-class journey to the most beautiful homes in the world.

Cottages in nature

An engineer and a craftsman are the protagonists of this British reality show, where the two men visit eight houses built for a pop-up hotel in Wales. At the end of their journey, and after learning the basic principles of the subject, we will see them struggle with the construction of the ninth.

Blown art

In this final competition, ten artists compete in the creation of blown glass sculptures. In the Canadian format that built the largest furnace in North America for the occasion, these glass artists are fighting for sixty thousand dollars in prizes and the opportunity to turn their passion into a full-time job.

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