The importance of graphic design in social media

In recent years, social media has increased their importance in the everyday lives of all of us. That is why many companies have moved their communication to social media, making theirs the same business cardthat first contact with their potential customer. It is precisely these places that it is visual contentand hence the importance of graphic design in social media.

The basic principles of good visual content arethe immediacy and simplicity of the message, the transversal of the content and the entry into the field of the emotional factor. In fact, it is important to know that our mind processes a visual message in a much faster way than a text (about 60,000 times faster). Furthermore, since communication is mainly based on non-verbal elements, it is important that the visual content tends to be universal and cross-cutting. The emotional factor should not be underestimated: unlike actually reading a text, looking at a picture is an activity that causes much faster and much more common, new emotions.

Because of the importance that visual content constantly assumes, a “version 2.0” of the figure is born of the traditional graphic artist, called Web graphic designer. That figure is an expert in graphics, but especially in digital communication, marketing and web code.

It is also true that visual content without a medium to spread on does not work. But that’s exactly why social media exists. Just think of social networks like Instagram or Pinterest where the main element is the images. So let’s find out what are the reasons why graphic design is important in social media.

Primarily graphic design provides support for brand recognition and connects a target group to the company, which consequently connects to its products and services. The second reason is that it is increasing brand perception of a company and build trust in the target audience. The more a company’s social page has a creative and interesting design, the more the company has a greater chance of gaining public trust than its competitors.

The main reason, however, is that it indirectly improves motivation in the workplace. If a company stands as excellence and with a lot of professionalism, this value is often reflected in its employees. A company that is proud of its looks very often attracts the recruitment of people who want to join the group of a brand that excels.

Among other reasons, sites that are more attractive on social media are more likely to be shared, thus increasing engagement on social media. They can range from engaging quotes and graphics or infographics to theme days and behind the scenes.

Precisely for the above reasons, it becomes very important to create the best possible, perfect and pleasant experience for the user when they visit our site, from the beginning to the end of the engagement. Not only that, but it is also very important to create content that not only stands out and catches attention, but which is also visibly memorable.

So here are the five steps you need to follow to create effective content on social media:

  1. find a communication goalsa purpose of your message and the very message of communicating,
  2. select text (pay attention to 20% of the text in photos for sponsorship on facebook), style and a palette of colors that are consistent and consistent with the brand identity,
  3. add brand logoto make the message recognizable by anyone,
  4. consistency and consistency at the bottom of any graphic for social posts; the content must be coherent for a greater understanding of the brand and its message,
  5. Yay creative / a.

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