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From X Factor judge to Eurovision host, Mika is one of the most sought after singers and showmen in Italy and in the world. Let’s find out how his villa in Tuscany and his other houses are made.

Singer and TV host Mika, born Michael Holbrook Penniman Jr

Singer and TV host Mika, born Michael Holbrook Penniman Jr

Mikaat the land registry office Michael Holbrook Penniman Jr, is a multifaceted singer and artist among the best known in the world. According to People with Money magazine, she is also among the highest paid singers in the world and a wealth of over $ 215 million thanks to a number of forward-looking investments and various activities he owns, such as restaurants and clothing lines. Mika was born in Beirut but he is a world citizen with houses in different countries including Italy, where he has one villa in Tuscany. Let’s find out where the famous singer lives and what his home is like.

Mika in his home in Tuscany

Mika in his home in Tuscany

Where Mika lives in Italy: the farmhouse in the Tuscan countryside

From the X Factor to Eurovision, Mika has long chosen Italy as his adopted country. In fact, there are numerous work commitments that lead him to the beautiful country, and there are many photos and videos that portray him in a house immersed in the green of Tuscany, which he often calls “studio”.

Mika in his country house

Mika in his country house

Mika’s country house is a stone structure surrounded by nature. In the house there is a room dedicated to music with pianos and other instruments, his record studio, where Mika often retires to compose.

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Mika at the piano in his Tuscan home

Mika at the piano in his Tuscan home

The kitchen is the beating heart of Mika’s farmhouse in Tuscany, where the singer loves to invite family and friends. A lover of good food, the singer creates many opportunities to cook in company and surround himself with love.

Andreas Dermanis, Mika's partner, in the dining room of the house in Tuscany

Andreas Dermanis, Mika’s partner, in the dining room of the house in Tuscany

Wooden furniture, terracotta floors, stone walls and a large fireplace characterize Mika’s farmhouse in Tuscany, which has managed to create a house with a warm and inviting atmosphere where time must be renewed, even for the singer’s two dogs. .

The large fireplace in Mika's house

The large fireplace in Mika’s house

Mika’s apartment in London

There are several photos shared on social media of Mika portraying him not only in the house in Italy but also in other cities around the world. London is another adopted city for the Lebanese singer, who probably has another house in the British capital, where he lives with his girlfriend Andreas Dermanis.

Mika's house in London

Mika’s house in London

Bright walls, a stone fireplace and antique furniture characterize Mika’s home in London. The singer also reveals on his social networks that he is a great art lover and there are several works that decorate his home.

Mika's living room in one of his houses

Mika’s living room in one of his houses

As in Mika’s house in Tuscany, music can never be lacking in it in London, and a decorated English-themed piano could be perfect for her home.

The English piano in Micah's house

The English piano in Micah’s house

Mika’s other houses

From Italy to England, passing through Greece, France and the United States, Mika loves to travel, and there are several photos he shares from some houses around the world. We do not know if they are all homes owned by Mika, but they are all decorated with taste and personality.

Mika at home in Athens

Mika at home in Athens

In Athens, Mika created a format known as #cookingwithmika, where he invited his followers to his Greek apartment to participate in the preparation of his dishes with his partner Andreas Dermanis. The house in Athens is cheerful and full of colors in a perfect Mediterranean climate.

Mika in one of his houses

Mika in one of his houses

Mika loves to travel a lot, she does it often and Miami is one of the destinations. From here, she shared some pictures of her home with colorful furniture, vintage patterns and antique paintings on the walls. There is no place where Mika lives that is not filled with objects that tell of his many passions and his busy life around the world.

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