The city that becomes a school, the school that becomes a city

The city that becomes a school, the school that becomes a city

A real festival of national pedagogy, with 120 activities in four days to reflect on the future and present of the education mission: 73 laboratories, 12 round tables, 16 exhibitions and shows, 19sporting and entertainment events.

Goal: open the school to the cityinvolve local communities in the training process for our young people, bring good educational practices from all over Italy to Sardinia.

From Thursday 12 to Sunday 15 May first edition of Sooninitiative promoted by Istituto Comprensivo di Pirri 1 and 2, leader of a project carried out in collaboration with Comprehensive Institute in via Stockholm, Pacinotti Scientific High School, “Giua” Higher Education Institute in Cagliari and CPIA Cagliari.

When: It will be very intense four days, until Sunday the 15th with initiation Thursday, May 12 starting from 10.30 to Ex Vetreria, in the presence of the Mayor of Cagliari Paolo Truzzu, Director General of the Regional School Office Francesco Feliziani, President of Pirri Municipality Maria Laura It’s missing.

But the main characters of the initiative will be the students: The representatives of the five organizing schools will present the initiative and ask questions to the public administrators.

Where is it: The city that becomes a school, the school that becomes a city. Urban spaces, cultural sites, institution buildings, are open to activities of Soon. Ex Vetreria will be involved di Pirri, the social center ExMé, that Terramaini Park, Saddi house and Town hall building of Pirri. A long weekend where the school opens up to the territory involves dozens of topics between associations, research centers, artists, athletes and educational specialists.

Thing: From the island and from all over Italy the good practice of a pedagogy in which the pedagogical action does not end within the walls of the school, but is integrated into the place and the context in which the students reside, thanks to the concept of landscape pedagogical, understood as social pact between school and area.

On the side, it is possible to see of each action and book one or more seats. The events are free and open to all, with special reference to the world of the school: school leaders, teachers, students and parents. Over 500 people from all over Sardinia have already signed up for the various activities.

Who: Among the dozens of topics involved in workshops, round tables, shows or other activities, are National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome, le University of Cagliari And Sassari, the CRS4, den CNR and many more. Among the artists the presence of Gavino Murgia, nuorial jazz player with international flair, e.g. Ernesttico Rodríguez, Cuban percussionist with a long pedigree of prestigious collaborations (Pino Daniele, Jovanotti, Laura Pausini, Carmen Consoli). Among the exponents of the world of sports is the involvement of Italian Paralympic Committee.

Activities: The more than one hundred planned initiatives have the concepts community, innovation And creativity. Of Territorial alliances we discuss e.g. Friday, May 13th by Former glassworks starting at 15.30 with an in-depth study on the creation of a collective and open space where the various actors participating in the educational activities can collaborate. They will intervene Daniela Ruffolo, head of DD Giffoni Valle Piana from Salerno, e.g. Barbara Cadeddu, coordinator of the “Skillellè” project,

Of Media education we speak instead Saturday 14, always at Former glassworks starting at 10 am: a reflection on the sparse use of new media in training processes, and on the possible uses based on the concept of digital humanities, with an approach that is therefore not only technological, but which mainly concerns cultures and languages. Will intervene Antioco Floris, full professor of aesthetics and engineering for film and imagery at the University of Cagliari.

The exhibition is dedicated to creativity The first stone, who was born from an engraving workshop that could involve over 100 children. The young students’ works will be exhibited at the comprehensive Institute of Pirri and subsequently also at. Casa Saddi, while attending primary school “M. Serra ”you will be able to see the children working in the installed laboratory. The goal is to leave a trace of students’ creativity in the community.

Partners and collaborations: Metropolitan City of Cagliari, Foundation of Sardinia, USR – Sardinia, The National Network and the Without Backpack Association, The Sardinia Without Backpack Network, University of Cagliari, CNR – ITD Genoa, INDIRE, SAPIE, Condaghes, Delfino Editore.

The topics that stick to Pirri community education pact: Domus de Luna ONLUS Foundation, CEMEA Social Cooperative of Sardinia, Cada Die Teatro Social Cooperative, ExMé Youth Center, Social Cooperative Society “La Carovana” ONLUS, Cultural Association Secret Code ONLUS Casa Falconieri – Forsknings- og eksperimenteringscenter, Amatørsportsforeningen “Beta”, Amateur Archers Association “Quattro Mori”, Polisportiva Popolare Exmé ONLUS, Casa Saddi Cultural Association, Agape Social Cooperative, Points of View Cultural Association, Cultural Association Between Word and Music.

Companies operating (or collaborating) in the school sector: Innoviù srl; Mobilferro; C&C Consulting; Didacta service; TDL Solar, Dotik srl

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