Tardini for Special, a unique Sunday

180 athletes will take part in the “Tardini for Special”, the event organized by Parma Calcio 1913 with the patronage of Lega Serie B and Coni (Emilia Romagna Region Committee).

13 teams would like to compete on the pitches of the Audace Club (Ferrari Park) and play the final in the home of Crusader football, Ennio Tardini Stadium. And it will be names that represent both professional and local teams. From Milan for Special to Juventus for Special, from Sampdoria for Special to Cagliari for Special, but also our Va ‘Pensiero-Parma for Special (with the two teams A and B), in addition to Reggiana for Special (two teams, A and B) , Greece Verona for Special, Empoli for Special, Sassuolo for Special among those representing professional teams.
But also those closest to our territory, such as Ness1 Esccluso and Real Sala Baganza. All areas of Parma Calcio 1913 were involved in the organization of the tournament and of this special day dedicated to crusader football.
This morning, in the press room at Ennio Tardini Stadium in Parma, Tardini for the Special Event was presented by Filippo Galli, Head of our club’s Methodological Area, and by those who will be the main characters on the pitch: Ilenia Nicoli, Coach of Parma Women’s, and Stefano Cavalli, coach of Va ‘Pensiero-Parma for Special.

MAURO PEDERZOLI (Sports Director)

Today we present an event with great pride and satisfaction, precisely because it is something unique and special. And because it carries a strong message, which is very important for our property and for us as managers. And it is a message of inclusion and great attention to our society. These values ​​confirm this property from day one with practical actions.
Our fans are also the families, the kids, all the people who have Parma in their hearts. And that they, thanks to an event like this, have the opportunity to get even closer to this club, on these colors. Basically with this appointment, the men’s first team gives the virtual relay to the Va ‘Pensiero-Parma Special and to the women’s first team, because we really want to demonstrate with facts that Tardini is everyone’s home, it’s Parma’s home. and crusader football.
It is the strong message we want to convey that is not only First team men, but also all the other teams that must have the opportunity to experience these important and extraordinary emotions that our stadium can offer, and which must not only be reserved for the men’s first team. From Parma Special to the women’s first team, which is making an extraordinary championship, but also to the youth sector, which is also experiencing a very important season and with Primavera we are participating in the final game of promotion in Spring 1, which confirms a great deal of attention and a great deal of interest in all its components. We would love to see a great response from the people, because I think it’s a unique opportunity to experience the stadium in a different way than usual.
There will be free admission, the hope is that there are a lot of people who want to enjoy a special day with us “.

FILIPPO GALLI (Head of the Methodology Area)

The importance of this event, Tardini for Special, but also the importance of having the women’s team at Tardini Stadium. I think it should be emphasized that Parma Calcio 1913 opens its home to activities that are not specifically related to the men’s first team. And what my experience is, it’s hard to find another club that has this vision and openness. Sunday will also be a special moment with the tournament, which takes place in the Audace fields, the Ferrari park and the last part here on the Tardini, which will lead to the women’s commitment. As a methodological area, we strongly wanted this event, and we want our young people to be present as well, those who are welcomed by Parma Calcio 1913 and who come from different regions or from abroad.
This is important because when they leave their families and their realities, they lose identity, they have little education. And to ensure that they can rebuild their own identity, they need to know the territory and the realities of the territory, such as the Va ‘Pensiero Association and all the activities that seem far from football, but which instead are a help to understand for whom they play for, what values ​​they play for and what club they play for. We want to not only stop on Sunday, but to continue over time for a work process for these guys. In the afternoon there will be commitment from our girls and that means it will be a moment where all the activities of our club come together. It is a value that Parma and Parma Calcio 1913 must hold higher and higher because Parma and the Parma Calcio 1913 are unique in this sense

ILENIA NICOLI (Parma Women’s Football Coach)

It is a great excitement to work in this club, because it is a club that is very aware of the relational part. To the closeness he tries to have and to nurture with love for the fans and with the whole city of Parma. I believe that very few clubs are open to this size and Parma wants to improve everything that is not just sports but life. So I believe that being able to welcome us on this special Sunday, inside the Tardini Stadium, is truly a way of saying that we are there and we are there for everyone. I do not know how the match is going to go, we play a lot, we play a possible promotion to Serie C. Anyway, I will be very happy with the work the girls have done and what we are trying to do, even with my employees working in an excellent way. We hope there are many people to support us because we need them, it will be a difficult and complicated battle. And we hope to be able to give some emotion to those who will be present in the stands at Tardini“.

STEFANO CAVALLI (Coach Va ‘Pensiero-Parma for Special)

It’s an activity we’ve been doing since 1997/98. Thanks to my work, I had the tools to be able to promote inclusion. And thanks to this, we are able to do it in a privileged context, namely sports and football. We started with a couple of guys, then we gradually built up a group. A team sport like football. And when we started Parma for the Special project in 2017, we had the privilege of identifying with our city. And we are honored to wear this shirt from 2017. The boys feel great joy, they do not feel like Serie B or Serie A, but they feel alone and only Parma Calcio 1913. This is to make it clear that sport is respect, we have never had a controversy with other teams. In addition, another reason in honor of Parma Calcio 1913 is that since 2017 we have only lost two matches last season due to some injuries and absences. But since 2017 we have won all the matches in the first season, in the second only a draw and all the others won, and then in the era of the pandemic there have been only 2 matches and we have won both, despite being numerically lower .“.

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