Squid Game, “mania” alarm among children: at school they play 1, 2, 3 stars, emulating the series of slaps and punches

The South Korean series written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk climbs the Netflix charts, and the risk of emulation is just around the corner.

Player xxx eliminated”… We do not want to spoil anything but the hint of Play squid now you have understood it: he who does not win a game dies pierced. The South Korean series written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk climbs the Netflix charts, while the #SquidGame hashtag on TikTok has been used 20 billion times. And the risk of emulation is just around the corner.

Released on the platform on September 17 last year, the series has not even been translated into Italian, but it has not caused anyone to retire, absolutely none. Not even, it seems, the little ones who should not even see a scene of these episodes.

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Colorful balls have always filled our pockets and One, two, three stars it was a must in the afternoon outdoors. Things like our children, let’s face it, have hardly known, prone as we are – and we do not make any mess at all – to devote less and less time to them.

Yet it seems that our children have now begun to talk about it and in some cases have a distorted view of the purpose of these games. News stories talk about challenges to the octopus game, which are now repeated in real life all over the world.

And beyond – of course – gods TikToker sugars trying to cook Dalgona (HERE recipe), that thing should really start to worry us. We explain why.


According to Gareth Nichols from Sir Francis Hill Primary School in Lincoln, UK, a “group of 6 year olds” would have been surprised mimic some Squid Game scenes. The teacher immediately reported the matter. So too Welton Primary School from Brough, in East Yorkshire, who announced that he was aware that the series would be seen by several children between the ages of 3 and 6, and therefore ordered an official communication.

And similar news is also coming from Belgium. Here, a mother pressured her daughter’s school to post a notice via their Facebook page. The woman told of the violence her daughter was subjected to while playing with friends 1,2,3 stars in the “Squid Game” version. The little girl reported that anyone seen in motion received slaps and blows. The school then issued this message:

Here we are not in better shape. Children in school talk well about it, and there have been reports of cases where they have dictated completely incoherent rules of the game.

Now we are full of children who imitate and imitate something that has been seen on TV or talked about among friends. We did that too. The serious thing today, is probably (but here I am referring to those who are more experienced) that there is the submerged world of social and chats. How many of them are shutting themselves inside their corner of the virtual world and there is nothing left for anyone? And how many parents today are actually aware of what their children are following? How many are ready to explain to them that no, maybe the episodes there they do not fit their beautiful little heads still growing, maybe, why not, watching a few minutes together.

We live in a phase of dramatic pedagogical emergency, which particularly affects the very young, and it is no coincidence that they are led to imitate more of an octopus game than an octopus game. LAUGH OUT LOUD of Amazon, for one thing. The simplest is paradoxically enough to challenge the impossible. And here the young people are at the pro level.

What does it take? Let the teachers talk about it again in the classroom and we parents in the family. The key to getting deeper into our children is To explain those things. Simple but infinitely complex.

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