Somma Vesuviana Campania’s Capital of Culture. In Italy, the Madonna’s oil – Naples Village risks disappearing

Somma Vesuviana Campania’s Capital of Culture.  In Italy, the Madonna’s oil – Naples Village risks disappearing

SOMMA VESUVIANA – A beautiful story about the protection of biodiversity through the study of antiquity! A story of rebirth in all its aspects!

Sunday, May 15 – at 12.45 – with the local community – the Polish Franciscan fathers – the archaeologist who found in Italy the centuries-old tree of the Madonna’s white olives.

“I found the old white olives of Madonna and Somma Vesuviana, in the Neapolitan area, to be the first city in Campania to replant it to try to avoid its extinction. It was used in ancient times to produce the oil that went With the advent of electricity, this oil was no longer used, and therefore traces of the olive tree known as the Madonna’s white olive tree were lost over time. Italy has over 70% of the world’s artistic heritage, but we are also rich in We have more than 7000 edible plant species and we are even the first in the world with this, Brazil is number two with 3300. Each Italian region has more plant species than any other European state.We have 58,000 animal species the other country in the world has We own 1,200 native grape varieties, France is in second place with 222. We own 533 olive varieties, Spain which is in second place has 70. We have 140 durum wheat varieties, USA in second place and enormously larger than us has 6! But here is Olea europaea was in danger of disappearing. leucocarpa, it’s the Madonna of the Madonna! “. This was announced by Anna Rotella, archaeologist and vice president of the Archeoclub D’Italia based in Vibo Valentia.

And the archaeologist was able to find a specimen in Calabria after months of work and research. Now the project is to revive this historic factory in Italy!

“I went after him and found him in Calabria. After months of study, research and work, I managed to find a specimen. It is a centuries-old plant in extinction, and the first time I found this tree in Calabria, after many years of research, was a great feeling.The oil from this olive tree was formerly used to power the lamps inside the places of worship.Today there is of course electricity – continued Anna Rotella – and therefore this type of tree, which is part of our biodiversity heritage, was in danger of disappearing Then came the idea of ​​involving parishes, couriers and dioceses throughout Italy.At the base there is a social and cultural project to guarantee the reproduction of the plant, which contributes to the birth of the itinerary of the Madonna’s olive trees.All the villages that will plant the centuries-old tree of the white olives of the Madonna will be part of the itinerary of the olive villages.To date we already have 90 municipalities in Calabria out of 404, but Sardinia, Lazio, Basilicata also shows interest. Somma Vesuviana will be the first village in Campania to plant the Madonna’s olive tree and will be the first village in Italy where a special ceremony will be held to launch Olea europaea var. leukocarp as a symbol of world peace! Thanks to the Office of Social Pastoral Work and Care for Creation in Calabria, we promote planting throughout Calabria.

Sunday, May 15 at 12 and 45 in the Franciscan monumental complex of Santa Maria del Pozzo, recognized as a place of national interest, the Polish Franciscan fathers, the archaeologist Anna Rotella, the community Somma Vesuviana with the participation of Ukrainian citizens, they will plant Madonna’s white olives for the first time in Campania!

“L ‘Olivo della Madonna” or Olea europaea var. leucocarpa, is a very special cultivar that is recognized only in all its extraordinary beauty from the moment the fruit ripens, and today it is certified in 90 of the 404 Calabrian municipalities, but it is in extinction. The leucocarpa, like the olive tree in general, belongs to the Calabrian landscape and therefore to the Mediterranean culture, and it is known – still Rotella – that the ancient peoples of this area had a relationship with the olive tree and therefore with the oil privileged for practical reasons first and then for food; precisely because olive oil along with animal fats and only exceptionally with beeswax for a long time were the preferred fuels to illuminate environments. If we add to this that the oil obtained from Leucocarpa’s white drupes has the special advantage that it burns and generates very little smoke, it is well understood why this transparent and not very dense oil has become the ideal fuel to power the lamps used inside. the places of worship. The Somma Vesuviana event in Campania will be truly significant “.

In Calabria, for example, planting will continue until each parish has its own olive tree of Madonna.

“We want to protect the biodiversity of Italian territory,” said Luisa Cerciello, councilor for the environment in the municipality of Somma Vesuviana in the Neapolitan area. bring young people to know and protect the natural heritage. We also involve citizens of Ukraine to insist on the path to social inclusion that we started some time ago. “

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