Seven essential things to turn into a coastal grandmother

It literally means “Grandmother with a house by the shore”. Translated into the language of the internet is new slogan went viral with more than 24 million views up Tik Tok. It all started thanks to a video laid on his account from created contentAmerican r Lexi Nicoleta. In a few seconds the girl explains followers what does the term he invented mean to describe the aesthetics of those who love movies Nancy Meyersthat linen shirtsthat homemade recipes andinterior design.

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I forget wild partythat supersexy outfits and eye-catching makeup cultivated by the protagonists of TV shows which recently caused the public to go crazy. Now the new style icons I am Diane Keaton in Anything can happen And Meryl Streep in It’s complicated: both play the role of determined and mature womenwithout financial worries who have decided to spend their lives in total peace and dedicate their days for small pleasures like gardening e -one good glass of wine.

The character of Coastal grandmother it quickly became viral trend to the point that just Diane Keaton personally, she felt compelled to share further Instagram a post in which he thanks tiktoker to bring character of Erica Barrywhich in the comedy from 2003 carries nothing but beige trousers, features in neutral tones and fishing hats. A very basic style, so much so that even the actress herself was amazed at how such a thing looks banal could have been so cool twenty years later.

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It may seem like another one passenger social phenomenon but in contrast Cottagecore exploded during shutdownto be ready, it is one tendency which does not push people to escape from reality in a virtual the fairytale world. On the contrary, the success of the figure of coastal grandmother it contains the desire of many to finally live in a gift safe And away from uncertainties. One lifestyle which thanks destabilization caused by the pandemic but not enough with what it is particularly coveted just by Gen Z who, although certainly not old enough to stop working, apparently would not despise spending their days as a rich retired wasp. Celebrities are no exception: Anne Hathawayfor example with a notice on Instagram she declared herself enthusiastic fan of this aesthetic.

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As the same makes clear Lexi Nicoletato enter mood from Coastal grandmother you really do not need it to be a grandmother or owns one property with sea views. The point is to embrace the mood of equilibrium And peaceful tranquility.

And above all, copy it wardrobe made of clothes basic but chicmade in natural materials and carefully selected in neutral shades. To enjoy the beach, work in the garden or have dinner with friends “Grandmother with a house by the shore” always wears the same leaders (because its taste is not affected by current trends, of course) as one soft cashmere pulloverone linen shirt and a couple khaki pants.

Also in terms of accessories less is more: a hat shielding yourself from light is essential, as are a few Sunglasses in the most classic of models and ultrafla sandalst perfect in the garden as well as for brunch. THAT jewelry? A real lady does not like splendor and in fact she chooses them small, yes, but precious and strictly familial. If you are also considering giving up wild weekends in Ibiza to usesummer to furnish one home (imaginary) i Hamptons between picnic And breakfast with friendsyou just have to scroll through gallery below and start purchasing the 7 key managers which will make you a real Coastal grandmother.

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