sacrifices and joy of life from the young dancers from the Opera di Roma-

from Gian Luca Bauzano

The final episodes of the docu-series on RaiPlay are recorded in the Capitoline Theater to tell the everyday life and joy of dancing of the young dancers who dedicate their youth to this art. Like Carolina Beni among the protagonists and students we interviewed

What everyone wants to point out is that they are girls and boys, or rather teenagers like everyone else. The only real peculiarity / difference is the indestructible passion for dance, the love of ballet. Outside of the “class”, the daily “training” agreement, the life of budding dancers and dancers is the same as for any young person between 15 and 20 years old. Tomorrow’s dancers are the main characters in the TV series: School of Dance – The boys of the Opera di Roma: 12 episodes (lasting about half an hour) scheduled on RaiPlay four times a week. The series is coming to an end, and the last three episodes will air on May 12, 2022. The girls and boys from Capitoline School will finally be able to go on stage with Coppelia, the ballet around the preparation, whose life adventures for the young Roman dancers have been unraveled.

There is no mention of fiction or the Big Brother effect. Instead of a docu-series. It tells about our daily lives. The sacrifices but also the many satisfactions attached to a profession than a life choice. Carolina Beni explains it, 16 years old from Figline Valdarno, but now Roman at adoption. From the time she entered the Dance School at the Capital Opera as a 13-year-old.

In the 12 episodes, recorded at the Ballet School at the Opera in Rome from December 2021, the stories of his students are told. Especially 10 of these and these are the main “main characters”. Carolina Beni is also a part of these. The school welcomes students divided into the various courses, a total of eight, followed by a diploma, aged between 15 and 20 years. Roman boys are all united, like dancers from all over the world, by the dream of becoming professional dancers. The events for the young Capitoline dancers take place under the direction of the ballet school Laura Comi, flanked by masters Ofelia Gonzalez and Pablo Moret. Everything may seem like a fiction, but in reality it is a lived life, our everyday lifepoints out the young dancer.

Starting with the friendships and loves that can be born or end between teens. In the episodes, our real lives have been tracked a bit – reveals Carolina -. The same is our sharing of the rooms where we live in the guest house not far from the San Giovanni Basilica in Rome, the area where the Ballet School is also located.. It is a structure created by a couple who have always loved dance. The passion also spreads to the children, who have now chosen to become second mothers and fathers to these boys and girls, who also come to school very young and are away from home for months and months every year.

It’s about commitment and sacrifice to pursue a career in the world of dance – continues the very young Beni -. But what we wanted to convey in this series of episodes is that dance does not mean sacrificing one’s life. In fact, being able to share this wonderful passion. There is a mutual and constant exchange between real life and stage fiction when we work on a ballet.

Carolina’s dream interpret the role of Kitri, the protagonist of the ballet Don Quixote, for whom Rudolf Nureyev devises a choreography, which is still the undisputed summit. But also Sylviaa ballet perhaps less well known and with music by Delibes, but as during this period on the bill of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan – from tomorrow 11 May 2022 and on stage until 26 May -: presented in gi welcomed the choreography signed by Manuel Legris, director of the Teatro alla Scala Ballet Company and successfully staged in the La Scala season 2019/2020.

Among the reference stars of Beni could not be missed Carla Fracci. The film dedicated to her touched me, but also a contemporary wear like Marianela Nez prima ballerina at the Royal Opera House in London.

The passion for dance was passed on to Carolina Beni by her mother Paola and her sister Beatrice. The sacrificial dance. Huge. But a victim who gets motivated. The joy at the end when you go on stage is priceless. When my mother showed me the wonderful movie Two lives, one turn

(original title The turning pointt, shot in 1977 by Herbert Ross as well as Shirley MacLaine and Anne Bancroft in the cast presents an amazing Mikhail Baryshnikov ed), I rediscovered the magic of dance. The sharing of joys and sorrows. The victim who brings great results.

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