Piana del Lungo Entella becomes a school for 500 children

Piana del Lungo Entella becomes a school for 500 children
Piana del Lungo Entella becomes a school for 500 children

Piana del Lungo Entella becomes a school for 500 children. Outdoor school is possible in Tigullio with the Movi-menti project

Piana del Lungo Entella becomes a school for 500 children. On the 4th and 5th and again on the 11th and 12th of May, the plain of the Entella River on the Lavagna side is transformed into a large classroom.

25 classes from the primary schools of Lavagna, Chiavari 1 and Chiavari 2, more than 500 children, accompanied by their teachers, will be able to experience an important “outdoor school” experience.

Led by a teacher from Il Sentiero di Arianna Cooperative, students spend the morning on a journey in stages where they can learn science, history, biology, geography through the use of 3 theatrical performances.

“The Circus of Bees”, plays with the meadow theater by Sara Micol Natoli, “The Markolfa and the Miraculous Herbs”, botanical theater by Marta Mingucci and “The Last Tree” in the Velato Theater, to which is added an ornithological observation of Lipu Tigullio.

“Hey but it’s magic”, “Incredible, I did not know this place”, “uuh, how is it green next to us”, these are the excited cries that come from children while living the experience of The School Outside.

So yes. Who would have thought that Lungo Entella, lately under other spotlights, could live and show itself in all its splendor and magic.

Stefano Aliquò, rapporteur for the Movi-menti project and creator of the “La Scuola Fuori” initiative with Sara Micol Natoli: “We have come from months of strict Covid protocols and it was important for our children to return to live outdoors. Learning is a process that is built together, with the children, with the teachers, with the territory and lives on meaningful experiences that are able to activate wonder and wonder. “

Sara Micol Natoli, circus artist: “The classroom and the theater room come out and meet in nature. The children learn about a historical place for society, which may soon change its face ”.

The theater becomes an instrument for communication and active training that helps boys and girls explore traces of a common peasant heritage and rediscover natural resources and local knowledge, thus shedding light on an otherwise invisible landscape.

Scuola Fuori uses the pedagogical approach of the pedagogical community, and the activity combines exploration and narrative, relationships and knowledge, art and movement, activating a synaesthetic and highly motivating learning dynamic.

Under this lens, the connection between man and landscape becomes the real object of pedagogical inquiry, an exercise that questions the mutual affiliation between oneself, nature, and community.

As part of this goal, La Scuola Fuori aims to decontextualize the theater space and the school class by opening them to nature. This approach makes the contact with the themes of the user’s personal reflection more immediate, stimulates and lays the groundwork for any subsequent workshops that will involve him in an active way.

Stefano Aliquò “It was considered important to offer children, also useful tools to redevelop the media theater, to understand its function and language”.

The School Outside is an activity in the Movi-menti project selected by Con in Bambini as part of the fund to combat youth education poverty – the “New Generations” call for minors in the age group 5-14.
It is a choir project (Liguria, Piedmont, Valle d’Aosta, Sicily and Campania) created to build, through the methods of problem solving, outdoor teaching and the STEAM approach (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) communities, through the many activities proposed in the areas involved, and to reduce educational poverty, providing opportunities for participation and growth for the most disadvantaged groups. The Tassano Territorial Services Consortium is the leader of Liguria.

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