On May 14 and 28, Vega Cultura’s cahiers are back. Journalist Mariangela Pira and Hon. Fulvio Bonavitacola next guests |

On May 14 and 28, Vega Cultura’s cahiers are back.  Journalist Mariangela Pira and Hon.  Fulvio Bonavitacola next guests |

Teverola – After the great critical and public success achieved during the meetings with Angelo Polimeno Bottai And Cristiana PedersoliI’ll return cahier from “Vega Cultura – sharing as value, culture as inclusion“, That literary event promoted by Vega Restaurant and Marican Groupconceived, organized and directed by dr. Nicola Ruocco with support of the Cultural Association “Value meetings“And with sponsored by the Campania region.

“The excellent result of the first two meetings – says Nicola Ruocco, creator and director of Vega Cultura – ensured that Vega Cultura became a successful format right from the start. After shedding light on the Italian history of the last quarter of a century with Angelo Polimeno Bottai and on the range of emotions that Cristiana Pedersoli gave us in memory of her great father Bud Spencer, our cahiers continue with two other absolute appointments prestige.

With Mariangela Pira, one of the biggest names in international economic journalism, we want to address the issue of the proper use of Pnrr funds. While we with the Vice President of the Campania region Fulvio Bonavitacola will talk about another important and very current challenge: energy sustainability, of which the Marican Group is already an expertise. Therefore – ends Ruocco “Vega Cultura is, in addition to being a moment for sharing cultural values, also a fantastic opportunity for growth and sharing of experiences and entrepreneurship”.

In the second half of May, “Vega Cultura – sharing as value, culture as inclusion“Predicts two agreements of the highest profile that will take place a Sweet (Ce), kl Vega Restaurant (located in Viale della Logistica snc):

Saturday, May 14, 2022at 19:30the financial journalist Mariangela Pirahost and reporter for SkyTg24among the most valued elements of all Italian newswill present his latest book “The new world“(Ed. Chiareletters). How has it changed and how will the world change after the crisis caused by Covid? A lot of money will come to Italy because it was the country hardest hit by the pandemic and has asked for it more than anyone else.But do we want to know how to use them well and, above all, will the money be enough to restart the country? With the clear and engaging language that has made her a reference point for financial information on TV and online , Mariangela Pira will explain how the risk is to spread them in a thousand projects without urgency and real usefulness.In this engaging volume, the author questions entrepreneurs, doctors, researchers, economists to understand whether the course of policy tracking is the right one or should be corrected and how companies and savers can contribute to change.

Saturday, May 28, 2022at 19:30Vice President of the Campania Region on. Fulvio Bonavitacola will be the main character in one Technical-scientific talk about the subject”Energy sustainability, between environmental ethics and business opportunitiesDuring the meeting with the Vice President of the Campania Region responsible for the environment, they speak entrepreneurs, journalists and economists which will animate the debate on a highly topical issue such as sustainability and economic development opportunities in an ESG key.

The two appointments of 14 and 28 May they will also be one important occasion to appreciate food and wine suggestions from Vega Restauranta real excellent Campania haute cuisinecharacterized by inspiration and experience of cooks Lino Acunzofrom the continuous search for quality raw materials and from a exclusive basementwhich offers beyond 500 labels winethe national and foreign.


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