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The new recruitment system, defined by Legislative Decree No. 36/2022, maintained the restriction of retention in the recruitment school and the cancellation from all rankings after confirmation in the role. Exceptions

New training and recruitment system

The new system of basic education and access to the role of first and second grade upper secondary school teachers includes the following steps:

  1. a university and academic qualification course with undergraduate degree with final examination, corresponding to at least 60 CFU / CFA, where theoretical and practical skills are acquired by aspiring teachers;
  2. a national public competition held on a regional or interregional basis;
  3. an annual trial period in operation with final testing and final evaluation.

After the probationary period in service (following a final examination and assessment by the school principal), the interested parties (ie the winners of the competition) are confirmed in the role of the same school where they completed the aforementioned period.

Permanence limitation and exceptions

Limitations of duration

The teacher:

  1. must remain at the same school where he took the probationary period, at the same type of selection place and class for at least three years, including the aforementioned period, except in the case of surplus or dismissal or of teachers using the services mentioned in § 33, para. 5 or 6 of Law No 104/92, limited to events which take place after the deadline for the submission of applications for the competition in question.

We specify that the 3-year stay becomes 4 if competition winners have been hired but who have not yet achieved the qualification. These teachers obtain the qualification during the first year of employment on a time-limited basis, passing the final examination on the basic education and the qualification course; after passing the test, they are hired indefinitely, undergo a probationary period and finally confirmed in the role. Therefore, the aforementioned teachers must stay at the recruitment school, as mentioned above, for 4 years: in the first they obtain the qualification, in the second they take the probationary period and then they stay for another two years.


The above limitation is waived for temporary tasks and uses in the affiliation province and for time-limited tasks (in the latter case, the province where it is possible to accept the task is not specified).

What can be done and what not

In the light of the above, stakeholders will:

  • able to submit an application for provisional transfer and use only for the province of ownership;
  • They can not submit an application for transfer / change of provincial and interprovincial role;
  • They can not submit an application for interim allocation and interprovincial use;
  • able to get substitute assignments for the entire school year for another type or class of competition to which they are eligible.

Cancellation from rankings

The teacher who passes the examination period (after the final examination and assessment by the school head) must also:

  1. is canceled from any other ranking, based on merit, school or exhaustion, where he is enrolled and is confirmed in the role of the same school where he performed the probationary period.

With the confirmation in the role, the stakeholder is therefore canceled from all merit rankings (ie not only from the one from which he was employed), at the department or in case of exhaustion, in which he is placed.

The provincial ranking for temporary staff (GPS) is not mentioned in the decree. Is it an oversight? We do not believe in what we rather believe that, given the aforementioned exemption for temporary staff per 30/06 and 31/08 intend to give interested parties the opportunity to benefit from the same (exemption) already immediately after the end of the probationary period. .

NB: Decree n. 36/2022 has yet to be reviewed by Parliament to be converted into law, and therefore some content of the same may be amended.

Employment Decree, assigned to the Senate Constitutional Affairs and Education Committee. The work calendar. DOWNLOAD PDF with all useful information

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