Microchip crisis, Audi and BMW without cruise control and infotainment

A CRISIS WITHOUT END? It seems that lack of semiconductor chips is a situation that car manufacturers will not get out of in the near future. Deflagged over a year ago, it’s slow involved all builders with dramatic consequences for the production of the new models and of course on their distribution and sales, giving rise to a unprecedented crisis. From America, to Europe and Asia, there has not been one manufacturer linked to the car supply chain that has not had negative consequences. As a result, car manufacturers have had to adapt reshape the availability of accessories and options closely related to microchips. A very complicated operation considering the amount of electronic systems in the ecosystem of a modern car. Just think about it road safety or auxiliary devices, for the new digital instruments or more simply for a sunroof or an automated tailgate. Well, all manufacturers have taken the matter upside down, and after a period of waiting (hope?) To return to normal, they have decided to supply their new models. without any accessories closely related to semiconductors. For example, let’s take two European giants as Audi and BMWto they cleaned up a bit of options from their price lists.

Microchip crisis: the 100% electric SUV Audi Q4 e-tron Sportback

Microchip crisis: the 100% electric SUV Audi Q4 e-tron SportbackAUDIS EXAMPLE IN AMERICA For example, House of the Four Rings in the US market has reported on an original Semiconductor defect package package semiconductor reduction – let’s call it that – which involves several embedded systems. In fact, compared to a drop of $ 1,350, removes the adaptive cruise control with queuing help, lane assistant, side and rear driving help e Audi phone box. The latter is a wireless charging and connection function for the infotainment system. It should be noted that none of these accessories can be added in the future; therefore buy an Audi with this particular package, these qualities will be lost forever.


Microchip crisis: the digital dashboard of the electric SUV Audi Q4 e-tron Sportback

Microchip crisis: the digital dashboard of the electric SUV Audi Q4 e-tron SportbackTHE STRATEGY FOR THE ELICA HOUSE At BMW, on the other hand, it is played with cunning to enter into alliances directly with manufacturers e takes advantage of the lack of chips to provide priority to sophisticated models who sacrifice those who are less luxurious but who could have been carry more the absence of an opportunity or a driver’s assistant. Just think: Which 7-Series customer would forgo adaptive cruise control or lane maintenance? More logical for the owner of a Series 1 or Series 2 to digest the question, what do you think? However, BMW is trying to limit the damage discarded from the price list accessories that are not strictly related to safety. And in fact, he announced that some cars will be shipped to dealers without the infotainment features of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. An emailed document from the automaker explained that the models ordered with code 6P1 they would lose the two smartphone connection services and the Wi-Fi capability. However, there will be a relatively affordable solution for the future. “The chips integrated into these cars in the first four months of this year (2022) need updated software to be fully functional”it is stated in the statement confirming as one Over-The-Air (OTA) update fixes this issue “By the end of June at the latest”. The question, however, is how will these cars be able to access such an update if they do not have the ability to use WiFi? However, it is possible that a partial activity of the wireless services on board will remain active even though it is limited in features.

Microchip crisis: luxury BMW iX zero-emission SUV

Microchip crisis: luxury BMW iX zero-emission SUVMIST ABOUT THE AFFECTED MODELS It is not clear which models are specifically affected by the problem, but the 6P1 code is used on all cars with smartphone and WiFi connection. Therefore, this problem can affect any car, from the 1 Series built to the European market to 8 series to America or China up to the SUVs in the range. At least even the major manufacturers in the automotive industry they suffer the consequences of the deficiency and they hope new discoveries and agreements to help get the situation back to normal as soon as possible. This means returning to producing technologically advanced and safe cars and, above all, being able to deliver them within acceptable deadlines. Remember that today you need to be reasonably optimistic about a successful model like the Audi Q3 Sportback 9/12 months from order before you can get behind the wheel.

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