Mario Incudine by Silver Ribbons

Protagonist and author of the soundtrack to the documentary “Cùntami” by Giovanna Taviani, Mario Incudine assembled the Silver Ribbon in Rome with the director.

Engaged in Recco (GE) for a choral work dedicated to the reconstruction of the country after the war, in July it will be performed in Tindari (ME) with a Liolà created with the inmates of Messina and the Royal Palace of Carditello for a show about the redemption of the Land of Fire. To the students of the high school in Enna he wrote and put in music a lodge about Napoleone Colajanni in the centenary of his death

Cunta la Morte di Turiddu Carnival by Ignazio Buttitta in a quarry in the Sicilian hinterland and sings an unpublished version of “Vitti na crozza” in front of the disused petrochemical plant in Gela (CL). Mario Ambolt he is one of the protagonists of the documentary Cùntami by Giovanna Taviani, produced by Cloud 19 Rai Cinema. And he is also the author of the soundtrack to the film that won the Nastro d’Argento 2022 in the Special Awards section.

Together with the director and sound editor Bruno Ventura, M. Incudine, fresh from the success of Mimi. From south to south with Domenico Modugnos tones – on the bill for a week at the Quirino Theater in Rome – he received the prestigious award on May 6 at the Casa del Cinema in Villa Borghese.

“A beautiful recognition to the entire film crew and to all of us who believe in the living power of history and the need, today as yesterday, to cùntare”, explains Mario, “the old art of cunto receiving new life thanks to projects like this film, because its precious memory must be handed down to young people. Let us not refer storytellers to museums, let us recall them to squares and theaters, because their cunti are more alive than ever! ».

Mario Incudine shared the film’s narrative with Mimmo Cuticchio, Vincenzo Pirrotta, Giovanni Calcagno, Gaspare Balsamo and Yousif Latif Jaralla. The soundtrack was a collaboration between musicians Antonio Vasta, Manfredi Tumminello and Pino Ricosta for Asc Production.

And his talent as an actor, singer, director and composer of musical works invests several fields, both in Sicilian places and outside the island’s borders.

Mario Incudine has since November 2021 been involved in a project involving the entire city of Recco – in Liguria – and which will see the light of day on Thursday the 9th and Friday the 10th of June 2022. It is called Argonauts. Recco for Recco, and is a work dedicated to the eighty years in which Recco was destroyed by World War II bombings and rebuilt as it is today. It is a community theater project signed by the Ligurian public theater, conceived and directed by Sergio Maifredi.

Another important challenge is the one involving the inmates of the Messina prison that Incudine is working on staging Stories about Liolà, taken from the work of Luigi Pirandello. Scheduled for Wednesday 20 July 2022 in the Tindari Theater, for the Tindari Festival the project is called Tindari in the open air – a space of freedomrealized with a collaboration between the D’aRteventi Association, the Tindari Festival and the Archaeological Park of Tindari together with the Messina Prison, the University of Messina, the Caritas Foundation and with the patronage of the Ministry of Justice.

On stage Mario Incudine – who directs and signs the original music -, The Free Company of the Theater for Dreaming of the Prisoner, the Students of Political Science and Law from Messina and the Messina actor Giampiero Ciciò.

Ambassador for the Sete Sois Sete Luas Festival, he will also be the main character on various stages in Italy and Corsica within the international festival, which this year celebrates thirty years of activity under the direction of Marco Abbondanza.

Finally, Saturday, July 30, 2022, Incudine will present an unpublished work that tells the story of the Royal Palace in Carditello, in the province of Caserta, in Campania. It will do so right in the monumental complex of Carditello, which has a history dating back to 1787, when it was built at the instigation of the Bourbons. Inside, the greatest artists of the time borrowed their work and Goethe also talked about its splendor. Later it was occupied by Garibaldini and transferred to the Savoy family. From 1920 it was sold to the National Combatants’ Opera. From here, its decline began and in 2011 it was put up for sale. The latest action of many associations affiliated with the world of the anti-mafia was to remove the palace from the dominion of the Camorra and redeem it as a flower in the desert of Terra dei Fuochi. All this will be told in a special show that is completely conceived and staged by Mario Incudine.

To his city, Enna, and to the students of the High School of Music at the Department of Higher Education “Napoleone Colajanni” in Enna wrote and put in music a parody of the politician and statesman N. Colajanni. The Cunto premiered on April 27 by students, led by teachers Giovanna Fussone and Francesco Argento, at the closing event of the celebration in honor of Napoleone Colajanni, who garnered applause from the public and institutions. It was repeated, again by the students of Enna Music High School, at the Garibaldi Theater on Monday 9 May on the occasion of European Day.

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