In Nuoro, the exhibition dedicated to children inaugurated: “Do not touch my children”

On Saturday, May 7, the stage for the international event “Do not touch my children”, sought after and conceived by Seb Falchi and Nietta Condemi De Felice, sponsored by Unicef ​​Italia, Nuoro Municipality – Department of Social Policy, Camera of Commerce, Man Museum, 1 Podda Comprehensive Institute of Nuoro and the MIDI Museum in Norbello.

The first part of the initiative should have taken place outdoors, with the installation on the ground of the colorful Photo Carpet, a carpet of 130 linear meters, flooded with photographs of children, donated by the many participating artists who would have reached the museum MAN. Unfortunately, the rain did not allow the establishment along Corso Garibaldi, but Podda Elementary School, already involved in the event, opened the doors to its building and allowed the realization and participation of children in third, fourth and fifth grade A, accompanied by their teachers. The installation was accompanied by the tones of “Zoombie”, the song by Cranberries, which talks about violence, about mothers with a broken heart for the loss of their children. The students also collaborated on spreading the carpet along the entire corridor and filling the areas that were particularly empty with writings and drawings about peace. Recent events in Ukraine have made children aware of the issue of war and the situation of their peers in war-torn areas.

The exhibition “Do not touch my children” at the Podda Institute

Seb Falchi and Nietta Condemi De Felice have managed through artistic language to tackle social themes that touch the community, images that evoke emotions that touch the heart, images that do not need words to be read and interpreted because, as emphasized in her speech during the conference, which was held in the afternoon, activates Dr. Franca Carboni, neuropsychiatrist and researcher, in each of us what is called the “mirror effect”.

In fact, the second part of the day, the scientific, research, reflection was held in the afternoon in the conference room of the Nuoro Chamber of Commerce, with the presentation of a public debate conference attended by various experts. The topic of the debate was “The protection of children and young people”, to investigate from the root the damage of psychophysical violence against the child, to start an educational path to change that, based on the family – the first institution for the child – works in synergy with the school and all institutions.

The exhibition Do Not Touch My Children at Ferdinando Podda

After the greetings from the mayor, brought by Fausta Moroni, the councilor stressed the sensitivity of the municipal administration to the problems of the family, minors, young teenagers, and how much still needs to be done for a project of a welcoming, spacious city that sees family and parental support at the heart of the political debate.

Dr. Antonella Penati, president of the “Federico nel cuore” association’s intervention, was a blow to the stomach, a blow to the face: Dr. Penati, Antonella, is the mother of Federico, an 8-year-old child, killed at the hands of his father with 37 stab wounds during a protected meeting at ASL headquarters in San Donato Milanese. The woman had repeatedly scolded the man for violence, they had not believed in her, they had accused her of being an alienating and obsessed mother. She feared for the child’s safety because his partner, in order to take revenge on her, threatened to kill him. The most serious form of revenge against a woman, we then talk about filicide, a crime that, along with the killing of women, is a nuisance to our society. His words were clear, the institution of art. 317 ter, a norm created specifically to guarantee greater protection of minors both in cases of separations with domestic violence and in cases – which must remain exceptional – of leaving minors to third parties / entities. In this case, the law establishes an obligation to protect the minor, with responsibility for the minor’s health and physical security from the custody of the parent throughout the time it is entrusted to them. The lawyer Cristina Franceschini from the court in Verona then intervened and talked about the role of social services and stressed that there is often something wrong with the control of child abuse and with verifying the parents’ suitability to perform their role. “One can not make a bundle of every grass, there are services that work well, but far too many times children have been massacred, tortured or killed by one or both parents or by the partner without the intervention of the social services in spite of , that they are aware of certain situations .. Or in other cases, they intervened inappropriately and triggered the procedures that then led to the unjustified removal of the children from their families, “we recall the cases of Bibbiano. Families who could actually be helped Dr. Franca Carboni, neuropsychiatrist, researcher and deep connoisseur of the environment and culture of our territory, then intervened. Dr. Carboni spoke of the “Mirror effect”, a production activity or behavior, based on an already existing model that is considered valid, in our case the models are those offered by the family, by the school, by the community, models that are attempts to match deliberately or randomly. ve both positive and negative value, the child has from birth imitation abilities and it is precisely with imitation that it acquires the use of language and introduces itself in the culture to which it belongs. Exposure to positive images, care of beauty “Kantian” understood, can have positive effects on the psyche, creating positive emotions helps to face life’s problems in a different way. On the contrary, the revival of negative images triggers negative memories and carriers of anxiety and fear.

There was also talk of society, parenting, parenting, bullying and cyberbullying. To these questions, Dr. Gianfranco Oppo from LARISO Cooperative, who has always been a scholar in the social problems that afflict our young people. Through the activity of the Territorial Observatory on bullying, with the interventions that have seen him as the main character in many courses for teachers and children, he has been able to establish that the phenomena are never the same, they are constantly evolving. What could have been valid 5 years ago is not today, the interventions must be led by professionals who know not only the theory, but more importantly, the environment in which the phenomena occur. He cited the example of a French study through which the president would have wanted to improve, suggest or solve problems related to the world of youth. The implementation of one particular model was a failure because even in the city of Paris alone, what worked in one neighborhood had no effect in another. This is a sign that the interventions can not be lowered from above or assigned a downward policy, which ensures that the recipients of important bodies controlled remotely do not have “training”, retraining or orientation success in the hearts of young people in our area.

It was then the time of the director of the Comprehensive 1 Institute of Nuoro, representative of the historical schools of the city, mirror of different neighborhoods, crossroads of children from different social, economic and cultural realities. The school is the first training agency for children and young people, but can not in itself overcome the serious situations that often affect students, said Professor Miria Cucca. “It is important that the school has constant relationships with families and social services that seek to create a solid bond that is embodied in a continuous and fruitful exchange of views.” Another problem that is noticed is children’s difficulty in relating to their classmates and teachers because until they got to school, they never got a no to a response to their requests. More and more often, the school, in the form of teachers, school partners, leaders, experiences having to intervene in family disputes, in dealing with conflicts that cannot be resolved without interference, even cultural, on the parents. Children bring back to school what they live in the family, they have no enthusiasm, they are often satisfied too much, even anticipate their desires, without waiting, without profit, without rules, the basic basis of civil coexistence.

Finally, photographer Seb Falchi, the creator of the project, greets: “Do not touch my children is only in the beginning, the idea is to trigger a joint venture with young people, municipal administrations and Italian artists to bring the idea in. The United States. This is just the number zero, the litmus test to understand if my country is ready to take a bold leap and present itself everywhere with important cultural content that is often not taken into account. event that could not have seen the light of day, if not thanks to the synergy of several actors, who believed in the project and made all this beauty happen, starting with all the photographers and illustrators, Nietta, all the patrons and participants in the conference. the scenery that worked hard to compose the wonderful artistic and cultural puzzle. ”Falchi also stressed the need for optimism, to instill the desire for a good future to be built together .

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