How to become a graphic designer: what he does, how to work


How to Become a Graphic Designer: Alberto's Story

How to become a graphic designer: Alberto’s story –
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That of graphical designer, with the development of the web professions, it has become one of the most sought after professions. A true designer of visual communication must not only be an expert in graphics, but also know the basics of marketing, in order to capture the needs of potential customers with compelling and attention-grabbing graphics.

we talked to Alberto Lecaldanomember of theAiap and editor of the magazine Graphic projectto better understand what this profession consists of and how he started it.

When did you decide that this profession would be yours?

I was around 26 and that was it early 70s. I have been a graphic designer for more than 35 years. We had just started this business in Rome, but despite this, in those years, customers knew very well what a graphic designer could be useful for. Probably a lot more than now.


What was your training path? Did you take specific courses, or did you rely on a pure university education?

I am above all one self-taught. I had an amazing teacher who taught me to understand a lot about the importance of the project. About how important it is that there is an idea behind, and how important it is that that idea supports and formulates itself in the project in every detail. It was this teacher Luciano Damiani, the great set designer. It did not have much to do with graphics. Another interesting contact, again on the project, was the one with Maurizio Sacripanti, great architect. I learned the most important things as a young man when, with much passion and moderate success, I dedicated myself to instruction and to what was then called. Scenic writingit is the project for the staging. That is, theater, architecture, authorship, design. Serious things, we could say. All really important things in relation to which, let’s face it, graphics are a small thing.


Is there an ideal educational path that is better to follow in order to take on this profession, or is it better to be self-taught?

Now there are definitely very valid courses from Italian and foreign universities. In Italy at Iuav of Venice oral Politecnico di Milano or toIsia of Urbino. But in the field of training in these years or even days, everything has changed very quickly. But I think it would be good for everyone, after their studies, a period of one / two years in a good study. And it would definitely do everyone good deals with other things as well as graphics.


With the introduction of computers and technology, do you not think that your profession has changed and that many improvise graphic designers?

It is true that the profession has changed, now there are computers, many improvise graphics. But will we continue to talk about it or cry over it? It does not seem useful to me. Well, if we want to mention one and in my opinion finally, computers have allowed a control of microtypography, orthotypography and typographic quality that was previously unthinkable. So the present is really a wonderful situation, the best since I have worked.


What would you recommend to a young graphic designer approaching the subject?

I think that a good way to search and find work could be to have and offer skills in word processing and also, why not, on their editing. These skills along with an excellent knowledge of the Italian language can really constitute a high value. Just look around and see how badly many books have been made, or how many printed matter there are incomprehensible, and how almost always the most basic rules of phrase are abused. For example, the weight of And capital letter is often replaced by an apostrophe. I would advise a young and good graphic designer to start here. In Italy there are about 5000 publishers and there are countless companies that produce printed matter for information or advertising or make websites where it is gradually clear to everyone, before the spectacularization counts understanding. A huge market.

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