Horizons Italy-Cuba, the bridge film festival that connects culture and the film industry

Cinema-like bridge between two cultures, Italian and Cuban, but also as a tool for dialogue to weave relationships and establish points of contact between two cultural professions. It was born with these goals, Horizons Italy-Cuba, the first edition of the Intercultural Festival dedicated to Italian and Cuban film and audiovisual, as from 4 to 11 June, it arrives in Havana. An intense week, full of screenings, meetings, master classes, training sessions, exhibitions that go beyond the traditional arrangement of a film festival.

Horizons Italy-Cuba, an initiative promoted by Resistance theaterswith the support of Directorate-General for Film and Audiovisual Media for MiC and the Cuban Institute of Arts and Industry Cinematográficos, in fact, it intends to promote the film and audiovisual sectors between the two countries, to intensify both cultural relations and professional cooperation.

“The language of cinema and audiovisual media is constantly evolving and polluting both artistic and technical narratives. Today, more than ever, it is crucial to compare the various groundbreaking experiences and realities on the subject,” explains Simone Faucci, who along with Luis Ernesto Doñas , is the artistic director of Orizzonti.

On the occasion of the 120th anniversary of his birth, this first edition will pay tribute to Cesare Zavattini, the true “father” of neorealism, screenwriter and screenwriter, historical collaborator of Vittorio De Sica, the source of inspiration for the first and world Italian cinema. then.

As Luis Ernesto Doñas explains: “Zavattini is the inspiring father of the great first Cuban instructors. He went to Cuba in the first week of Italian cinema in ’53 and met these very young directors, but he is also the screenwriter for one of the first films produced by ICAIC. It was therefore a cross-cutting inspiration for all Cuban film.

Through Zavattini Orizzonti Italy-Cuba, he wants to strengthen the already strong cultural connection between the two countries. Among other initiatives, also the creation of a catalog in two languages ​​(Italian and Spanish), edited by Mons. Dario E. Viganò. But not only cinema, and not only Zavattini at the center of the Italian-Cuban event, which aims to become a reference point for the improvement not only of mainstream film productions, but also of narrative languages ​​such as drawing, animation, music, digital, virtual and game. There are many screenings and flashbacks to the bill, including first in South America of doc ENNIO by Giuseppe Tornatorededicated to the extraordinary life and career of Ennio Morricone.

Among the protagonists of the initiative, who was born in collaboration with Rome Lazio Film Commissionalso Lazio region, guest in this first edition. “The Roma Lazio Film Commission is very interested in this event ̶ declares President Luciano Sovena ̶ as, as many know, for about 6 years there has been a Lazio Region fund intended for co-productions, and it already through a similar mission to HORIZONS Italy-Cuba, made it possible to make the film It is not a country for young people by Giovanni Veronesi, shot almost exclusively in Havana. Another great opportunity for relations and cultural exchange with Cuba is then made possible thanks to the “Torno Subito” call, which gives our young people the opportunity to learn the film subject at the famous school San Antonio de los Baños. That is why a profitable and important relationship with Cuba is a deeply hospitable country ».

An area so suggestive, attractive and rich in history associated with the seventh art that the festival wanted to pay tribute in a completely original way: in collaboration with the Roma Lazio Film Commission, in fact within the Lobby Cine Charles Chaplin, the public will be able to take part in an immersive exhibition that, thanks to the support of augmented reality, will make it possible to know and explore in all its beauty, inextricably linked to the cinematic tradition, landscapes, places and places of Lazio.

Also more guests from Orizzonti, who will participate in the festival and will be at the center of masterclasses, meetings and round tables. Among them the director Fabio Molloof which The Father of Italy is shown, and the game designer Fabio Viola, protagonist among others of the various side activities planned on the Caribbean island. With its Italian Game Tour exhibition, Viola will give the public the opportunity to look at Italy from a new perspective: video games.

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