Here are the best selling electric cars in Italy. Motus-E report

The Fiat 500e, Smart Fortwo and Renault Twingo are the three best-selling pure electric cars in Italy. All details about registrations, car fleet and geographical concentration in the latest Motus-E analysis

According to the latest market analysis from MOTUS-E, the association that brings together operators in the Italian electric mobility chain, the best-selling electric cars in Italy in October 2021 are Fiat 500e, Smart Fortwo, Renault Twingo, Tesla. Model 3 and the Dacia spring.


A total of 112,353 electric cars were sold in Italy in October 2021, including clean (minority: 48 percent) and plug-in hybrids (52 percent).

7,108 battery-electric cars were registered in October, 145.7 percent more than in October last year. The plug-in hybrids were instead 5177, 41.5 percent more.

The market share for electric cars (both pure and hybrid) remains broadly equal to that of September 2021, a record: 12.17 percent (7 percent pure cars and 5.1 percent hybrid).

The number of registrations of pure electric cars, claims MOTUS-E, “is higher than expected: the delivery rate for fully electric cars is very high, thanks to the refinancing of incentives in the last week of October, which pushed dealers and tenants to register cars ready for delivery as early as October. ”On the contrary,“ plug-in hybrids continue to slow down ”.


The most popular battery-electric car model is the Fiat 500e: 8893 units were sold in the first ten months of the year. Followed by Smart Fortwo, with 5180 units, and Renault Twingo, with 4645. The fourth and fifth places are occupied by the Tesla Model 3 (4512 units) and Dacia Spring (4274), respectively.

In terms of plug-in hybrids, the most popular is the Jeep Compass (7300 units), followed by the Jeep Renegade (5038), Volvo XC 40 (4440), Renault Capture (4038) and BMW X1 (3040). ).


In total, the Italian fleet of electric cars accounts for 211,335 cars; of these, 109,053 are pure electric cars and 102,282 hybrids.


Geographically, electric vehicles are concentrated in the north (between northeast and northwest they exceed 72,200 units), then to the center (29,720), while the south and islands are far behind (about 10,300 in total).

The region where more pure electric cars are registered is Lombardy (21 percent of the total), followed by Trentino-Alto Adige (20 percent) and Lazio (9 percent). In terms of plug-in hybrids, Tuscany, on the other hand, is first (24 percent), followed by Lombardy and Trentino (both by 19.7 percent).


electric cars italy
Infographic via MOTUS-E.


The MOTUS-E analysis points out that in October 2021, the total registrations of electric cars “stopped at 100,000 units, with a loss of almost 57,000 vehicles compared to October 2020. At this rate, as of December 31, 2021, it will be difficult to even exceed 1.5 million vehicles, far from the consolidated 2019, where more than 1.85 million cars were registered “.

According to the association, this is a “sign that many citizens are still living in the uncertainty of choosing the vehicle to buy and that the market has not yet recovered: the effects of the pandemic continue to be seen, certainly in delivery delays, but especially in citizens’ lack of liquidity “.


Through the tax decree, the government has refinanced the Ecobonus fund with 100 million euros to encourage the purchase of low-emission vehicles.

The resources were made available on the Ecobonus platform from 10 a.m. Oct. 27; however, the 65 million earmarked for M1 0-60 g / km CO2 vehicles ran up in less than 24 hours.

“This new very rapid depletion, even faster than what happened in the first half of September,” claims MOTUS-E, “emphasizes that in order to ensure a sufficient duration of the availability of funds and a more uniform distribution […] a structural solution and a medium-term incentive program must be introduced ”.


The European country with the highest number of pure electric vehicle registrations in September 2021 was Germany, followed by the United Kingdom and France.


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