Give a hot meal to the children at the orphanage “Oasi della Pietà” with For Funding by Intesa Sanpaolo – Radio Senise Centrale

The kitchen is the heart of a home, the place where everyday life is completed with scents, taste and nourishment for children: help us set up the new kitchen inside the orphanage “Oasi della Pietà”, which will welcome hundreds of girls and abandoned children . Help us make sure they get hot meals and hospitality. No child should ever hold a work tool. The only work tools a child should keep are pens and pencils ”(Iqbal Masih).

Rome, May 9, 2022 – In favor of the “Bambino Gesù del Cairo Onlus” Association, whose president is Monsignor Gaid Yoannis Lazhi, former secretary of His Holiness Pope Francis, the Intesa Sanpaolo group has made the crowdfunding platform available For financing, to gather the necessary resources for the construction and preparation of the orphanage’s kitchen “Oasis of Pietà“, Which aims to offer children in need a” home “where they can grow up with dignity, protected from any violation of their human dignity and thus also give them peace of mind and well-being. The name of the orphanage” Oasi della Pietà “refers to the precious gift which His Holiness Pope Francis wished to bestow on this project, that is, a copy of Michelangelo’s Pietà.

The aforementioned project was launched after the signing of the document on “Human Brotherhood for Peace and Coexistence” by His Holiness Pope Francis and by the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Ahmad Al-Taylor, performed in Abu Dadhi, on February 4, 2019.

This “Reception house“In Egypt, it will welcome many children who have been abandoned by their families, who are poor or unable to provide for themselves. For this reason, they become street children, which for them becomes a place where they can learn. “new rules” for survival, where they unfortunately all too often encounter abuse, deprivation, violence and brutality.

The realization of the orphanage kitchen is a first goal to be pursued, given the value it holds as it refers to the sense of family, which welcomes and offers meals with love. The kitchen is one of the basic tools of care to be offered to younger guests. In addition, there is education and health, which represent the primary and inalienable rights of every child.

The kitchen that the Child Jesus Association of Cairo onlus intends to create for the children in the orphanage and its staff will necessarily meet the primary requirement of meal safety. It will be a professional kitchen, with interior design and equipment in line with safety standards, with easily disinfected material and the easiest to maintain, to ensure durability and resilience over time.

In the design, special emphasis is placed on the functional aspect, linked to the practicality of the environment, whose purpose is to provide all the necessary services for cooking, for storing food and for offering healthy food based on individual needs and habits.

The children welcomed by the “Oasi della Pietà” orphanage must have good food, and therefore they need a kitchen that respects their needs and their differences, both cultural and physical. For this reason, food will be prepared in the kitchen, taking into account the diversity of each little guest, as well as paying attention to the environment.

The orphanage “Oasi della Pietà” will ensure that “street” children are no longer invisible!

The construction site, which opened in 2020, now accounts for 80% of its construction. There are still many tasks to be performed, but with the small of many, we can really make a difference. When completed, the structure will welcome about 300 children, with respect for each of their religious affiliations.

To make this dream come true, Intesa SanPaolo has generously and for free launched this site crowdfunding To Financing in Italian and English.

How to donate? Just enter the following link:

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