“From school to stage, Muto di Gallura was in my destiny”

The actress, who was born in India and grew up in Olbia, says to herself: “Failed audition, but it was just a misunderstanding”

There is talent on the way forward, the general public is starting to know her now as Gavina from “Muto di Gallura”, and in the near future she will often see her again on screen. There is the versatility that combines experience and passion, which is why she now appears in Gallurese, now in British English, now with an American accent. There is an ethereal beauty and the heterochrome in the gaze that sublimates it. But if Syama Rayner has to find a way to look at herself, she repeats several times that “I’m a very nerdy actress.”

His island. We’re talking about the beginning in Olbia, his city. “I feel like a big family. When someone manages to get out, everyone in the city feels like it’s their own thing,” the enthusiasm overcomes in a second all the kilometers that separate it from Sardinia. The voice comes from London, and the coordinates of all his life stages traverse virtually the entire globe. Born in the shadow of the Himalayas, in India, by an English mother and an Italian father from Trentino, she arrived on the island as a child. “My mother chose to live on the island. “after visiting some friends in Monte Pinu. She took my brother and me with her, and we settled right there, in the place from which she was so enchanted. And I thank her for giving me a wonderful childhood.”

Path. Hyper-creative mind, “I understood that acting really was the lasting passion”, while in the small room of the Olbi theater school “I senza quinte” learned about Stanislavsky. “I’m always a bit of a nerd, I like to study a lot before acting,” Syama tells himself. Even a few years ago, he immediately hired an agent, but before the chain auditions, he went to study at an academy in Wales and then at the acting studio in Los Angeles. Then he participated in some short films and films, also foreign. For “The final code” (2021) he also received two international awards. But the hardest test, to succeed at home, came with “Il muto di Gallura” produced by Fandango and Rai cinema. As a 26-year-old, he is now on the launch pad.

Gavina. Like a closed circle because “it was the first audition of my life”. Another Muto di Gallura, «in Aggius, I was 16, the funny thing is that they took me, but for the other female character, Mariangiola. Then that film was not finished and nothing was done, but it was my first experience with the camera. Then, almost ten years later, he sees a new Muto di Gallura in action, directed by Matteo Fresi, in which Gavina, the protagonist’s beloved, this time is blond and with clear eyes. “I literally said, ‘that role is mine, I go and take it’ ‘. Instead: Bring it to your face. After the audition, the answer is negative, “I did not explain it to myself, and a few days later I had a dream where I saw the director give me the contract with some red dates …”, it seemed fate. And so it is, for the call comes during the day. All a misunderstanding, in fact she is taken. “And the recording dates were the ones I had dreamed of, absurd …”. Syama listens to aggesen “makes me invite to dinner at Aggius” and learns to speak it. Thus, in her debut as in a lead role, she became the beautiful Gavina, who everyone admired on the big screen. As soon as it came out, he competed to go and see the film based on the book by Enrico Costa. “I knew the story from an early age,” says the actress, “I studied it in primary school in Telti. It was exciting to hear what effect it had and in return to see some enthusiastic people in the room ».

Experiences. Syama Rayner tells the scene with Alessandro Borghi in the Sky series “Devils”: “I was a bigger character than me, her peers, it was a good moment and also a difficult one because it was a heated quarrel. I performed with Borghi, I would have looked at him completely differently, from below – he laughs – instead I had to stand up to him and shout at him. “On the net there are a pair of shorts with Maccio Capatonda,” the best comedian in Italy. In addition to his genius in writing and interpreting the characters, he is extremely precise when directing. During future projects, “I’m really very curious about the release of a film that was shot last year on the island.” directed by Marisa Vallone, written by Paola Sini, among the main characters also Alessandro Haber and Valentina Lodovini.

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