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Florence, May 10, 2022 – The i summer centers of Florence Municipality with costs unchanged for families. FromMay 11 to May 23For example, families interested in enrolling their children in municipal leisure and education activities will be able to submit the pre-registration application online, available on the Civic Network.

Municipal summer activities can also be participated in Ukrainian children welcome to Florence, for whose registrations it is necessary to send an e-mail to the competent offices of the reference district. The summer centers are aimed at older children and teenagers between 3 years (who is already in kindergarten) and 14 years (who goes to high school in 1st grade) resident in Florence or, if not resident, who goes to school in Florence Municipality. Each shift lasts two weeks and the participation fee also includes catering. To facilitate access to the service for a larger number of families, up to two guards can be assigned for each minor, without prejudice to the possibility of obtaining a third guard if the questions in the reference ranking are not sufficient to allocate all the available places.

“Summer camps are an important response to children’s educational and socialization needs – said the education councilor Sara Funaro – because they give them beautiful and stimulating educational opportunities for growth and at the same time give families the opportunity to reconcile life and work ”. “With the release of the pre-registration notice, families can begin to organize for the summer period – continuing Funaro – and will find that both the cost of the service and the access criteria are unchanged, which greatly takes into account the needs of the most fragile subjects.” “Summer camps are an important resource for the families in our area,” the presidents said five Florentine districts – and a basic service for those who are having the hardest time, and not only that, we are therefore happy for their restart. The presence of a diversity of starting points for the summer camps ensures proximity, which is another growing need in the city, reborn from the pandemic, an increasingly important dimension that leads us in the direction of strengthening the city of neighborhoods, districts. “

The procedure for accessing the service is divided into two phases: first pre-registration phase it is used to allocate the available places, in the different places and to the different shifts, through the wording of the ranking, based on the established criteria of precedence and the priorities specified in the application for prior registration; there second registration phase on the other hand, it serves to fill out the application form by paying the deposit and relates only to those who will be allocated the place from the published rankings. Only upon payment of the balance, within 8 days from the beginning of the shift, the right to participate is acquired.

For the formation of the rankings there are no changes compared to last year: the scores attributed both on the basis of difficulty / difficulty and on the basis of the Isee value range have been confirmed. Especially also this year, the highest priority will be given to minors in risk situations reported by the Social Service Department; A number of places will be established exclusively for minors with certified disabilities under Law 104/92, identified on the basis of the issues historically recorded in the reference areas and the characteristics of the vacant seats, with the aim of enabling , of coverage integrated by all needs situations. In addition, a score of declining value will be assigned the following difficulties / discomfort sorted by importance, which implies a greater need for the support offered by the Summer Center: minor with a working parent, with differentiated score in consideration of the value, ordered in tape, by Isee the certification; minor with two parents, even if they are not cohabiting, both workers, with different points in view of the value, sorted in bands, of the Isee certification; a minor living with a family member with a disability under Act 104 or with a recognition of civil disability of more than 74%; presence of another or other cohabiting minors under 14 years of age, with differentiation of scores based on the age range for the same.

Finally, the lowest will be identified as remaining criteria, in case of a draw Isee value and the order of arrival of the application. Finally, in order to ensure the possibility of accessing the service to a larger number of families, a maximum of two guards will be assigned for each minor, without prejudice to the possibility of obtaining a third guard if the questions in the reference ranking are not sufficient to assign all the available seats. Once the pre-registrations are closed, the ranking will be formulated and published on the Civic Network. The grant recipients must then complete the registration with the payment, while the minors on the waiting list can be called up later after dispensations.

The offices where the summer camps are to take place is located in all parts of the city. For kindergarten children there will be Rossini schools (state), Torrigiani, Vittorio Veneto (via San Giuseppe) in District 1; that Giotto, Carducci and Boccaccio schools in District 2; the schools Pertini and Stefani in District 3; the schools Pio Fedi and Niccolini in District 4; the schools Mameli, Marconi, Capuana, Don Minzoni in district 5. For students in primary schools and primary schools there will be the Rossini, Agnesi and Vittorio Veneto schools in district 1; Giotto, Carducci and Boccaccio schools in district 2; Pertini Elementary Schools and San Brunone High Schools in District 3; Calvino School in District 4 and the Mameli, Marconi, Duca D’Aosta and Don Minzoni schools in district 5. In August the locations of the summer centers will be merged as every year and the activities will be held in Vittorio Veneto primary schools and infants (district 1); Giotto Elementary Schools and Kindergartens (District 2); in Pertini Elementary Schools and Kindergartens (District 3); in Calvino Elementary Schools and Pio Fedi Infant Schools (District 4); in Mameli primary and lower secondary schools (district 5). Information about the announcement can also be requested from the change 055055 or per. e-mail to the competent office of the reference district. For District 1: scuolaq1@comune.fi.it. For District 2: scuolaq2@comune.fi.it. For District 3: scuolaq3@comune.fi.it. For District 4: scuolaq4@comune.fi.it. For District 5: scuolaq5@comune.fi.it.

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