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Prato, 10 May 2022 – It was held in the Council Chamber in Prato municipality the price”Fair Play School and Sports“, in the presence of the 60 students from the primary and secondary schools who were the winners. Now in its 25th edition, the ceremony is organized by Panathlon club of Prato in collaboration with the Department of Sport and the Provincial School Office, and with the patronage of the municipality and the province, it returned to take place in the town hall, though the awarding of the 60 boys took place at three different times.

“It is an important event – commented the sports councilor Luca Vannucci – Because it connects the world of the school, the values ​​of sports and the doctrine of civic education. Not only that, “Fair Play School and Sport”, which returns to take place in the town hall, also represents a signal to restart after the last two years, marked by the health crisis “.

“This initiative aims to strengthen behaviors that put respect for oneself, for others and for the rules first, values ​​summed up with the concept of ‘fair play’ – these are the words of Riccardo Tempestinichairman of the Panathlon Club of Prato.

“The Panathlon award provides an opportunity to highlight and emphasize an important value such as fair play, which sometimes risks going unnoticed and not being respected – he adds. Simona Guarduccireferent from the school office – The school, as a pedagogical environment, has the right to use this tool to provide added value to sports activities even within the school process.

During the award ceremony, a minute of silence was held a few days ago by Angiolo Buti, former president of the Panathlon Club and founder of the 1998 Fair Play Award, along with Elisabetta Faggi, responsible for physical education of Miur. The prize winners were awarded diplomas, the Panathlon International Fair Play Charter and a T-shirt with the Far play logo.

Here is the list of winners of 1st grade colleges:

“Lorenzo Bartolini” State Comprehensive Institute of Vaiano was awarded to Alessia Tacconi and Pietro Rwaudo, “Cicognini” National Boarding School in Prato Allegra Meucci and Lorenzo Breccia, “Pier Cironi” Comprehensive Institute in Prato were awarded to Sara Berti and Matteo Izzo, from Northern Comprehensive Institute of Prato Tessa Fiesoli and Samuele Calamai, from “Don Milani” Comprehensive Institute of Prato Martina Alba and Niccolò Marzullo, from “Gandhi” Comprehensive Institute of Prato, Valentina Pinelli and Niccolò Fioretti were awarded from “Il Pontormo” Comprehensive Institute of Carmignano Linda Grassi and Emanuele Miliotti, of the “Primo Levi” Comprehensive Institute of Prato, Luisa Gonfiantini and Mattia Benigno were awarded, of the “Filippino Lippi” Comprehensive Institute of Prato Iman Rida and Niccolò Giugni, of the “Curzio Malaparte” Comprehensive Institute of Prato Margherita Tempestini and Matteo Puggelli, from the “Marco Polo” Comprehensive Institute of Prato Vanessa Xu and Alessandro Huang, from “Ma scagni “Comprehensive Institute of Prato was awarded to Giulia Mencarelli and Leonardo Perugini, from” Mazzei “Comprehensive Institute of Poggio a Caiano Camilla Martini and Giovanni Spinetti, from” GB Mazzoni “Comprehensive Institute of Prato Anna Rozzi and Riccardo Sanchez,” Pacetti “Comprehensive Institute of Prato Sara Guerra and Alessandro Pazzaglia, “Pertini” Comprehensive Institute of Vernio Beatrice Guazzini and Giulia Cecconi, “Claudio Puddu” Comprehensive Institute of Prato Anita Ballini, San Niccolò Flusi Conservatory of Prato were awarded the Margheritas. Conti and Federico Ren.

The winners of 2nd grade continuing education were:

Claudia Cerruti and Alessio Cascone, from the National Boarding School “Cicognini” in Prato Alice Albini and Davide Dreoni, from ISISS “Cicognini-Rodari” from Prato Sara Signorini and Sara Dimase from Liceo “N. Copernico” from Prato were awarded to Margherita Calvani and Filippo Menicacci, from the Department of Technology and Commerce “Paolo Dagomari” by Prato Cristina Liu and Federico Cantini, from “Francesco Datini” The Institute for Prato Alice Mancini and Pietro Battiston, from “Leonardo Da Vinci” Liceo by Prato Kateryna Moskovko and Alessio Olivieri, from the “Gramsci-Keynes” Institute of Prato Asia Nieri and Mirco Mennini, of the “Guglielmo Marconi” Institute of Prato Martina Carbone and Luca Calamai, of the San Niccolò Conservatory of Prato Allegra Cavicchi and Giulio Domenicali.

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