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In the first nine months of this year, 47,000 52 electric cars were sold in Italy, hybrids not included. a three-digit increase of 168% compared to the same period last year. This was revealed by data released in early October by Motus-E, the promoting association for electric mobility, which thus brings the total number of BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicles) into circulation to exceed 101 thousand units. a result achieved thanks to bonuses, government incentives and exemption from car taxes. At the top of the ranking of the best-selling models in Italy in the first nine months is the Fiat 500E with 7,000,838 unitsfollowed by Smart Fortwo with 4 thousand 559 cars and Tesla Model 3 with 4 thousand 430. However, the situation for the charging points is still less rosy.

The gap

The operators’ tables indicate the presence of 24,000,794 electric charging stations in the area per. 30th of September

. a figure that places us in seventh place in Europe (source Acea), with an average of five columns every 100 kilometers. Absolutely few compared to first place in the Netherlands: 47 columns every 100 kilometers. The scenario, forecast for 2030, indicates 4 million electric vehicles in Italy – explains Francesco Naso, Motus-E’s general secretary -. Based on the energy needs of these vehicles, we have estimated the need for 2.9 million home charging points. Based on these numbers, an equation is confirmed. To sell more Bev it is necessary to increase the columns on the national territory. Because the lack of points for electric refueling and long charging times (a few hours) deter the purchase.

Enel X starts with an ambitious national plan to increase the number of public top-ups. To implement it, it has collaborated with partners in catering and distribution on a large scale. Several agreements have been signed in recent months, starting with Conad to deploy 250 infrastructures for electric cars in the parking lots of over 200 supermarkets, including 25 high-speed juice pumps. The motto: You are in favor of shopping and battery charging.
Mc Donald’s has chosen Enel X to equip 100 new restaurants with similar solutions, to date there are 13. Finally, in recent days, Leroy Merlyn joined 20 new columns in ten mega-stores. To improve the tourist structure, Enel X has also signed agreements with the association Authentic Italian Villages, which will see 120 places born in 42 municipalities. And with the ICC’s orange flag for 250 refills in 80 municipalities.

Agreements and Crowdfunding

Eni is also showing interest in placing Bev totems. For this reason, in August, through Eni Gas and Luce, it signed the agreement to purchase 100% of Be Power Spa. Through the subsidiary Be Charge, the second operator with more than 5,000 charging points.
Environmental sustainability and the will to deliver clean energy from renewable sources are the goals of SiRicarica, the Milanese startup created by the synergy between DriWe, Garage Italia and NaturaS. We want to install advanced electrical systems – say Luca Secco, SiRicarica and DriveWe administrator -: a dual fast charging column with a power of 22 kilowatts. During a bioshop in the 25 participating stores, it is thus possible to regenerate 80% of the battery in one hour. Not only. The columns connected to the Internet are activated and managed by the smartphone, which first locates the points on the route and then allows them to be booked remotely.

Thanks to the equity crowdfunding campaign, SiRicarica has opened its doors to widespread shareholding. The first round of 300 thousand euros ended successfully at the end of August and gathered 85 participants. The initiative also received the participation of Garage Italia, the creative hub founded by Lapo Elkann, who has been among the players of the electric remodel for over two years: the practice of modified restoration of old cars, which is more and more widespread in Italy. a process involving revision of mechanics, interior and part of the aesthetics, after which the electrical components are inserted.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Carrefour Italia and Be Charge (now Eni) are working on the Shop & Charge project which aims to disperse the columns for rapid charging of Bev. The first 60 points are active in Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto and Tuscany and will be gradually expanded to 135 selected Carrefour outlets throughout the national territory by 2022. Reductions in services are reserved for those with the Nuova 500E.

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