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Milan – The world of electric cars is no longer just the near future, but can now easily be considered a current topic. In fact, all the commercials on television talk only about “hybrid” or “plug-in” or just “electric” cars, and car manufacturers are pushing a lot in this direction, constantly coming up with new models. Thanks to government incentives, prices have come very close to the prices of traditional cars, and therefore the idea of ​​switching to electric is no longer so frightening.

The topic of charging

One of the aspects that is not being told enough is thatbuy a new generation car, not only do you change your car, but you also need to keep an eye out for changing your habits too: before you drove until the tank was almost empty and you stopped for five minutes to fill up at the dealer, now the refueling is done at. at home, and preferably every day. The concept of “topping up” comes into play, which means that the car is charged briefly but continuously, to always have the batteries at the desired level and to make them work in the best possible way. And then it happens that when you arrive at the parking lot outside the office, you load, you stop at the restaurant for lunch, you recharge, and when you have to shop for two hours on Saturday in the mall, you take advantage of the recharging that the columns provides.

This is how wallboxes work.

The biggest savings are definitely achieved by using the power in the house and to charge safely, it is necessary to use a “wallbox”, that is, a device that is installed in the garage of the condominium or in the garage of the house, and allows you to fill up with energy. Wallboxes are now a fairly widespread product, there are many models made abroad, but there are interesting ones also made in Italy. And one of the excellences of this panorama comes from Italy, Daze Technology, a Bergamo-based start-up with enthusiasm and ideas from two young engineerswhich has achieved several prestigious collaborations with car companies internationally.

Wallboxes can be easily found online, even on Amazon, but uone of the most popular landmarks is E-Station, a specialized site that allows you to have a wide range of products at your fingertips, accompanied by interactive guides, fact sheets, maps and insights that allow anyone to easily navigate this new area.

How they install

As well as the supply of cars and wallboxes is growing, new services are also being born, which – turnkey – prepare what it takes to start driving your own electric car without too many worries. One of them Travel Electric, which caters to all motorists who, when leaving the dealership, need a hand to get out of this new reality. Once you have actually chosen to buy an electric car, a number of questions open up: you need to understand what technical features of the charger match your car and your needs, decide if you want to ask the manager to increase the power of the meter, know the reference rules ( especially those related to fire prevention) and finally get an idea of ​​how to connect the cash register wire to the home meter.

“We go and inspect homes throughout northern Italy, in condominiums and villas, and then we recommend the right charger for every specific need and install it in the garage or in the parking lot,” he explains.
Giona Salvati, the founder of Viaggia Elettrico. “We always say to our customers: you buy the car you like best, then we take care of the rest”. This service is aimed at individuals, those who are approaching electric mobility and who will be later
to drive this change, which will involve all motorists.

The expert: “We must equip roads and highways with fast charging points”

“From our point of view – Salvati continues – we can say that electric cars are gathering more and more consensus and enthusiasm, the initial mistrust is hardly noticeable.” The last hurdle to overcome to make this technology truly affordable for everyone is to equip highways and highways with fast recharge points that are capillary and allow you to tackle big summer trips without worries. Now, actually, the famous “super-charger” they are not so widespread, and
those who drive electric cars over long distances must rely on special apps already installed on the cars’ dashboard or must be downloaded to the smartphone, which is able to calculate in advance how many stops you need to make, based on some parameters such as for example. as the desired arrival time or the number of stops (short or long) that you are willing to make. In short, there is still a long way to go again – literally – but the road to electricity is already a reality.

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