Domestic, exclusive events in the heart of Naples: “How to enhance great beauty”

Exclusive locations, places that stand out for their uniqueness; places that are often secret or inaccessible to the public. That is the research that Homecoming puts in place for planning and realizing unforgettable events. A company born in 2015 as a social dining circuit: “Originally we thought of putting together a pool of private houses”, set up to become a temporary restaurant capable of preparing “lunch, dinner or breakfast for foreigners visiting Naples “, he says Carolina Pignata, co-founder of Homeating along with Marcella Buccino. A company that over the course of seven years has managed to transform, develop and grow thanks to a number of queries, such as: photo shoots, film campaigns, but also weddings, private or corporate dinners, which have generated a number of events “. The philosophy of the project responds faithful to the idea that the customer has in mind to realize.A work with a sense of the smallest detail because “it is the details that make the difference”. “When we are contacted by a customer, we start a project that develops in 360 degrees – explains Pignata – we deal not only with the search for the place, but also with the gastronomic part, production, preparation and attention to every detail.

The combination, art sharing, unites the idea that Homeating wants to convey: a vision that revolves around the development of art that consists of welcome and experimentation. Its business is expanding to the entire national territory: «In addition, we take care of ad hoc city scouting‘For those who want to arrange an event in a particular city in Italy. But, as Carolina points out, “the focal point of the locations is in Campania. They are located in Naples, on the Sorrento Peninsula, Capri, Ischia and Procida“.

In the last Homeating has intensified its presence in places that possess a strong historical and cultural identity as “old homes, museums, and galleries for modern contemporary art,” Carolina points out. The characteristic that characterizes Homeating is undoubtedly the exclusivity of the places it offers its customers – not only consists of Italian companies, families and professionals, but also of an international jet set – special places that make living there a unique experience. not be possible to access. Private villas, churches, aristocratic houses or noble apartments. Each selected location has a story to tell. “Our target group is varied, it consists of both Italian and foreign customers who have a great curiosity about the special and the history of Naples – he explains Marcella Buccinoco-founder of Homeating – Our locations are chosen because we try to get into the heart and soul of the city through the houses of Naples and those who live there“.


And it is right in the heart of Sanità, in via dei Cristallini, that Homeating reserves a particularly suggestive location, a place that praises art and nature:Atelier Inés. A place where you can breathe love of art and design. “It’s a former theater area,” he says Vincenzo Oste, jewels and sculptor, son of the famous Italian sculptor, Annibale Oste. The magnificent building, which houses six charming rooms decorated with works of art and archival furniture, was built in the 1950s by the great-grandfather along with a room he dedicated for the sale of timber. “My father – Hannibal Kroejer has disturbed this space, making it a place of art known all over the world thanks to its endless research into materials, sculpture of works, poetry ». Vincenzo thus continues the traditional craft activity in the family workshop “just as our ancestors taught us”. “In a space where hospitality meets art”. And it is he who guards Atelier Inés – a design hotel located in an inviting flower-rich courtyard – together with his wife Ines Sellami: “We offer our customers the opportunity to sleep in our suites, where everything is created by us in the laboratory,” comments Ines. Then he adds: “We are here as a family to share art and let all our guests experience it”.

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