Day by day in art | May 9, 2022

Israeli heritage threatened by development plan | Artists Against Abortion Review in USA | German foundation wants copyright for Sander 10K Collection | Ghanaian art grows at Christie’s in London | Two giants discovered in the excavations of Mont’e Prama | The day in 15 news

Day by day in art |  May 9, 2022

A major battle in court threatens the NFT launch of August Sander’s photographs, promoted by Julian Sander, the descendant and heir of the German photographer who decided to put the archive on the blockchain, which sparked the copyright controversy. So after defining August Sander 10K Collection-one pioneering step into a brave new world“, Julian Sander now says that the question”it has become a bad showTrading in the 10K Collection was initially lively – more than 400 Ether (ETH currently equivalent to about $ 1.1 million) was traded in a matter of weeks. But now a German Cultural Fund put a spoke in the wheel of the project and claim a ‘huge copyright request in the archive by August Sander. The resulting lawsuit could set a new precedent with indirect consequences for many photographers struggling with the new NFT market. [Tom Seymour]

The planned cable car to Old Jerusalem is being criticized by cultural heritage representatives and threatens to trigger regional tensions. In it controversial Israeli development plan Also included is a cable car to the city’s west wall, a Jewish shrine, a number of tourist attractions approved by local and national government agencies, as well as the city’s private foundation, including an 800-meter zipline, a suspension bridge for pedestrians. and a cable car, originally approved by former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Now, despite the budgetary and environmental concerns of some newly elected officials, and other criticisms that this development would jeopardize the delicate balance between Palestinian East Jerusalem and the city’s western Jewish flank, plans are moving forward. [Kaern Chernick]

The ongoing discussion in the Supreme Court in United States on it revision of the right to abortion (which would only become possible until the fetus is able to survive outside the womb) has triggered mobilization of the entire population including numerous artists-activists. Among these Barbara Kruger, who dedicated the black and white collage «Your Body Is a Battleground» to the theme. In December 2020, during similar protests in Poland, Kruger gave protesters a free license for his work. In addition to her reporting the collective of Guerrilla Girls, Marilyn Minter, Laurie Simmons, Jenny Hozler and Nan Goldin, just to name a few [Il Sole 24 Ore]

On May 2, the assembly of Ales (Arte Lavoro e Servizi Spa) confirmed Mario De Simoni like President and CEO of society. Until 2025, he will lead Ales, a structure in the Ministry of Culture (with over 1,600 employees and partners and a growing turnover, now of 64.763 million euros), which is responsible for preserving and improving our cultural heritage. Among his tasks is the organization of the large successful exhibitions of the Scuderie del Quirinale in Rome, which De Simoni has followed since 2003, and for which he was the operative and then director general. Ales is also entrusted with the management of ArtBonus, which so far has raised a total of over 672 million for 5,075 interventions across Italy, with 2,228 registered units and 27,078 patrons. The next engagement, scheduled for 4 and 5 June, is the 2022 Garden Appointment, organized by Apgi (Association of Parks and Gardens in Italy), in agreement with over 20 European countries: it will be a party , which also opens the gates to many private gardens are usually closed with the theme “Gardens in the light of climate change”. [Edek Osser]

Two restaurateurs in Ontario are reaping the benefits of forward-thinking “barter” made in the 1970s, when they traded food and sandwich in exchange for The paintings. Among the various agreements signed by Irene Demas and her husband Tony, a painting by Canadian folk artist Maud Lewis, which could fetch more than 35,000 Canadian dollars (approximately 25,000 euros) when it goes on auction this month. The restaurant’s customers also include painter John Kinnear and his wife Audrey [The Guardian]

Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo and Turin of the Year 2021. The award, now in its 45th edition, was presented to the collector and patron on Sunday, May 8, at the Lingotto Congress Center. “Each year with this award, we identify people who, with their example, are an inspiration to our community and our territory, explain the organizers. Today, the award goes to a Turin woman who with her activity helps us train our gaze towards the challenges of our time and with her ability and ingenuity she has been able to bring Turin to the highest levels of international contemporary art. Our city can count on her as an ambassador to the world“Among the qualities that Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudendo also recognizes”the focus on production and commissioning towards younger artists and the original and innovative communicative approach that is able to bring even the most distant public closer to the art;“. [Redazione]

Only the day before the exhibition opens Sofia LeWitt has given permission to exhibit at Ravenna Sea the mural «Wall drawing # 570»conceived in 1988 for the Ravenna institution by his father Sol LeWitt. An almost mandatory authorization, however, accompanied by an unambiguous clause: ruin the work when the exhibition is over. The work was originally intended to be destroyed when the exhibition ended. The correspondence between Giorgia Salerno, curator of the institution in via di Roma, and the daughter of the American artist, is published by Corriere Romagna.

Horacio Pagani, the king of mega-luxury cars from 2.8 to 20 million euros, is now thinking of entering the luxury furniture market with its Saudi partner. And launches an appeal to the state to: “it must contribute to the economy with clearer rules because Italy is losing companies with too much bureaucracyNow it has welcomed the Saudi PIF (Public Investment Fund) in its minority stake, which has already invested in Facebook, McLaren, Boeing, Newcastle and Eni. Think about expanding into luxury furniture with the new Pagani art. [Corriere della Sera]

It was inaugurated in Siena there new house museum Palazzo Chigi Zanardi, with busts and ancient frescoes dating from the fourteenth century and an exhibition of contemporary art by the Roman artist Pietro Ruffo (1944). Among the preserved masterpieces are a bust of Alexander VII from 1657 by Bernini and “Massacre of the Innocents” by Raffaello Vanni from 1617. Palazzo, commissioned by Cardinal Antonfelice Zondadari (1655-1737) and his brother Bonaventura (1652-1719), the first Marquis Chigi Zondadari has been the family residence in Siena since 1724, as well as the last building built on Piazza del Campo. [La Nazione]

The Roman seat too Finarte she moved to Capranica del Grillo Palace, enter via Quattro Novembre 114 and leave the nearby Palazzo Odescalchi. The new venue was inaugurated with the Comics auctions on May 6th and 7th. Palazzo Capranica will also host a three-day auction of modern and contemporary art on May 18, 19 and 20. [Arianna Antoniutti]

There art studios in New York City agrees with the pandemic again; with the cases of Covid-19 on the way forward globally, they are reappearing restrictive policies to slow the spread of the virus. However, protocols vary from city to city and even fair to fair, and if staggered access and vaccination certificate remain the standard, things are less clear when it comes to children, especially under the age of five, for whom the vaccine has not yet been approved. On May 5, for example, the Independent Art Fair was denied access to a mother with her four-month-old baby and the next day to another mother with her nine-month-old baby. The same visitors had easily visited the Nada trade fair in New York. [Anni Irish]

During the campaign of excavations in the Nuragic necropolis of Mont’e Prama (Oristano) var found the colossal remains of two statues. These are the torsos and other fragments of two sculptures classified by archaeologists as “wolf-type boxers” because of the large flexible shield wrapped in front of the trunk. The statues resemble two other sculptures found a few meters away in 2014 and now on display in the Civic Museum of Cabras dedicated to the «Giants of Mont’e Prama». It is an extraordinary place that is unparalleled in the Mediterranean, said Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini. The discovery of the last two giants takes place a little less than a year after the birth of the foundation, which commits MiC, the municipality of Cabras and the region of Sardinia, in the improvement of one of the most important testimonies of an ancient Mediterranean civilization. [Tina Lepri]

Sheena Wagstaff blade after ten years head of the department of modern and contemporary art in Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, who, thanks to his ingenuity, has entered the map of international contemporary art. In the 1980s, Wagstaff, then an art student, often visited the Met to seek refuge among the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas from the Asian art department. Her appointment in 2012 as curator of modern and contemporary art led the darkest section of America’s leading museum to a recognized international exhibition program that included Kerry James Marshall, Gerhard Richter, David Hockney, Lygia Pape, Jack Whitten and Siah Armajani. [The New York Times]

Exhibitions that open
There Efie Gallery in Dubai, opened in Al-Quoz in late March, it is hosting an exhibition of works by modern Ghanaian artists from Christie’s and Mayfair a London until 13 May. Works by three of Ghana’s best artists are exhibited in the Material Earth exhibition, a total of 10 works by highly coveted and established El-Anatsui, along with two rising stars, Yaw Owusu and Isshaq Ismail. “The exhibition takes place at a time when the demand for African art from the international market is skyrocketing, subject to relaunches at global auctions such as Bonhams, Piasa, Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Strauss and Phillips. In the first half of 2019, international sales of art from Africa generated a total of $ 25.3 million, and in 2018, it contributed $ 13 billion to the world art market and is expected to increase to $ 15 billion. billion dollars by 2023»Writes Rebecca Anne Proctor in« Arab News ». [Redazione]

Exhibitions that close
Continue with Turin to Con ARTillery / temporary art center until May 29 within the framework of Paratissima the first edition of Liquida Photofestival – Where pictures flow, a new exhibition that puts established and new photographers in dialogue, curated by Laura Tota. “Liquida Photofestival wants to be a reference to return as far as possible to the state of photographic research in its various forms of expression and of the state of the image at the exact time of its manifestation, in an attempt to give voice to the new talents of modern photography, not only from an author’s point of view, but also from photographic reflection involving professionals who today begin their journey in this constantly evolving cosmos»Explain the organizers. The theme is the impact of photography on our culture and everyday life. [Redazione]

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