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Saints Peter and Paul are protectors of the village Corliano of the municipality of San Giuliano Terme and every year they are celebrated with an interesting event. As has been the case for many years now, the Mass begins in the Corliano Church, which, as usual, is celebrated by Fr. Tomasz Grzywacz around noon. 17.00.

On this occasion, the competition of “sails of St. Peter“, An original tribute to the old peasant custom of preparing a glass of demijohn filled with water the night before (between 28 and 29 June) and letting an egg white fall into the water.

No later than 20:00 the previous evening, only the inhabitants of San Giuliano Terme will be able to deliver the demijohns competing for the traditional prize in the warehouses of the former Fattoria (now Ristorante dell’Ussero). The next morning they will find structures in the water, formed by albumin, which look like a ship’s sail. In Corliano, the children were told that the sails were from the apostle Peter’s boat, which he used to land in San Piero a Grado and spread the Christian faith around the world.

Demijohn, who will show the most beautiful design, will have a resident of the municipality win a dinner for 4 at Restaurant dell’Ussero. More information to attend at 331.5791910.

The artistic part of this important celebration is curated by the association “Who wants to be happy is …“, A cultural group that has been active for years in Pisan territory thanks to the competent leadership of President Anna Ulivieri.

For this holiday, the association has proposed a crowdfunding project to hold the event “MUNDUM SAVE“, MASS NO. 1 in A minor composed and directed by Dario Paganin, which will be performed in the park at 18.30.
We hear from the author’s direct voice something more about his work:

Mundum Salves is the title of the solemn mass for choir and orchestra that I composed in 2020. The idea came to me when I heard the phrase “we just have to pray” referring to the pandemic that raged. The origins of sacred music are lost in the mists of time, and many are its forms according to the religious traditions to which it is attached, but it has also been extrapolated from the liturgical context to be performed in concerts. In the beautiful sunset in the Villa’s park there will therefore be a world premiere of my “Mundum Salves” in the version for voices (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) and instrumental ensemble (flute, violin, viola, cello and “Mundum salves” is a “missa brevis “with the addition of an overture almost as a” preparation “to listen to the following five parts (Kirye, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus and Agnus Dei) characterized by the development of the same harmonic loop. text is in Latin. The four voices in interpretation of both solo and choir voices want to represent the duality of the journey of faith, which is both personal and community.Only the overture is already available in an arrangement for flute, violin, cello, glockespiel, bouzouki filmed in the church Corliano in the video “No “within the uniformly popular and traditional music project that I have been performing for some time with the precious contributions of Anna Ulivieri and other musicians”.

Dario Paganin

The opera conducted by the composer himself in the version for 4 voices and instrumental ensemble includes the following musicians: Annarita Dallamarca – soprano, Maria Luce Menichetti – chorale, Maurizio Giambini – tenor, Tommaso Gamba – bass, Anna Ulivieri flute, -.
Linda Leccese – violin, Mirko Masi – viola, Giulia Dini – cello, Massimo Signorini
Accordion and Elena Franconi – narrator

An audio recording of the composition will be made during the event. Around 20.30 the dinner called “the golden” follows, because it is as precious as the figure of the patron saints, curated by Antonio Cappabianca from Osteria dell’Ussero, under the Tree of Liberty, with the award of the best “sail from St. Peter”, which after peasant tradition.

A very interesting event to consider and a fundraising project to be supported as there are very few days left to let this beautiful party be enriched with this interesting show. Think about it!

Guido Martinelli

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