Coldiretti, the conclusion of the “School Project” on healthy food and sustainability

The farm Dosso Badino in Monticelli Brusati closed “School Project” by Coldiretti Brescia. To triumph in the quizzes «Agricultural Championships» was students at the primary school in Trenzano of IV A and IV B from the school in Trenzano, who beat the boys from IV B from Sabbio Chiese in the final. On the third step on the podium IV A class by Mazzano, followed by IV A by Sabbio Chiese.

“This year we have also carried out an important project with commitment and enthusiasm, which involved thousands of children from Brescia with educational and fun activities on the subject. healthy food and agriculture declared Nadia Turelli, Vice President of Coldiretti Brescia and Provincial Delegate Donne Impresa Coldiretti,. Our goal is to make the new generations more aware of the reality that surrounds them, of the beauty and variety of the agricultural world, of the excellence achieved in the area and of the great work behind each of them. And also to convey to the children the goodness of our food, which has the scent of tradition, but which is produced in an increasingly innovative, smart and sustainable way. ”

After quizzes and games, the children visited the zoo and participated in a zero km picnic. Late in the morning, the announcement of the winners of the works created by the classes participating in the school project 2021/2022 was exhibited in the courtyard of the farmhouse. For the kindergarten category, the first prize went to the Cemmo di Capo di Ponte facility, while IV A in Castelletto di Leno was awarded the primary school prize. For junior high school, the students from Sarezzo won, and for high school, the award went to II A from the Einaudi Institute in Chiari.

“We are also successfully closing this edition of the school project – concludes the director of Coldiretti Brescia Massimo Albano – with the hope of being able to arrange many face-to-face activities and a big party for next year, involve even more schools and open new collaborations with local companies ».

“It is essential to spread a new food culture among the younger generations – said the regional councilor Fabio Rolfi -. A conscious consumer who is aware of the origin and seasonal nature of the products helps to improve the environment in which we live and to add value to the work of farmers. The children know how to spread good practice even in the family. For this reason, Coldiretti’s work is particularly important for the present as well, and not just for the future ».

Giuseppe Bonelli, Director of UTS in Brescia, added: “It is a pleasure to return to present in person the end of this path that sees us every year with Coldiretti to promote food education and healthy living. We also thank the teachers, the school leaders and the children’s families for their commitment to organizing the classes’ participation in the initiative ».

The collaboration with Cobo, a Brescia-based company at the forefront of technological innovation for agriculture. “As a company that has historically been committed to providing advanced tools and technologies – comments CEO Enrico Linetti – we believe it is important to make a concrete contribution to raising awareness among young people to make them understand the professional opportunities in the agricultural sector “.