Children eternal victims of insanity of adults who are already children

The war cancels out the uncertain path taken after the previous war to return to the starting point. Rights are a denial of need to achieve them it is necessary to resort to the judge, who is a human being who should apply the same law to all with autonomy and independence, and this is not possible, just as the organization of the administration of justice was built. The war that broke out in the heart of Europe seems to have sanctioned the right of defense, but this right has been denied for decades to Italian mothers who have suffered under forced abduction of their children because too much love hurts. Science teaches that the categories of good and evil must be measured in living reality, otherwise it is “false consciousness“As Marx and Freud have shown.

The loud claims about the defense of Western values ​​must be measured with empirical data, otherwise they are abstract rage, metaphysics, insoluble equations. Bureaucracy has annulled human relationships and allowed false prophets to create the hell of everyday life. The French Revolution cost 2.5 million deaths.

Let’s read some numbers: World War II casualties between military and civilians: 68,000,000

Russians: 26,000,000, Chinese: 19,600,000, Germans: 7,420,000, Poles: 5,630,000, Indonesians: 4,000,000, Japanese: 2,630,000, Yugoslavs: 1,200,000, Hungarians: 580,000, French 560,000, Italians 473,000, Americans 414,000, British 365,000, Lithuanians 345,000,000

The number of Resistance as many suggest authentic supports, even if they have not participated and have not even been informed.

Yugoslavs 1,000,000 combatants and civilians, Greeks 400,000, French 150,000, Italians 54,000 of which 17,000 military and 38,000 civilians

Even in the number of deaths, Italy is last, but those who have ruled and ruled the most beautiful country in the world, and with Rome, Caput Mundi is the first in the world to make lies, a currency superior to the dollar and the euro circulating at the speed of light and producing the exponential growth in GDP (danger pollution-free) that if it were the production of goods and services, well-being would be evenly distributed in all territories and also benefit the inhabitants of the deserts.

The brave mothers of the capital are aware that they can be heard, after decades of guilty silence, they asked in these moments with meaningless debates about the war Rome police headquarters for permission one morning to occupy the famous square Montecitorio in front of the Chamber of Deputies adjacent to the Palazzo Chigi, the seat of Government, but they were also refused the second option Piazza del Popolo. Reason forbidden to demonstrate near the palaces of power in this delicate moment because of the fate of Western values, such as democracy and freedom, which are defended with extreme and extraordinary efforts of means and men by the Prime Minister and his ministers, the best from the birth of the Republic.

A few months ago, before the outbreak of wartime, an enlightened judge of the Court of Appeal in Rome, in the presence of myself and one of the most prepared lawyers in Italy, thundered against the mother of a child who was born a genius and ended up in the meat grinder. of illegal moves: “if he says a word, I throw it out”. The mother apologized and clarified that she wanted to know where her son had ended up when they had kidnapped him on a school day on December 15, 2016 during the lessons, and he had been translated into a state prison by the current Minister of Justice, Prof. Marta Cartabia, refuses to visit. 8 operators went to pick him up, including 5 anti-crime agents under the command of Dr. Angela Altamura from the Antikrime Department of Rome’s police headquarters, who was repeatedly asked for the DVD recording the kidnapping of the child while being delivered to primary school teachers and by the headmaster, also after several access documents, refused to provide clarification. These episodes of concealment and institutional arrogance are reminiscent of analogies of the past and the special circumstances of the present in some environments well known to government liturgies.

If they forbid peaceful and suffering mothers to demonstrate in Piazza di Montecitorio and Piazza del Popolo one might suspect, only suspect, that those who accuse others with heavy expressions such as dictators, autocrats, madmen, mentally ill, barbarians, madmen, butchers, thugs, may be so gentle as to hide some skeleton in the family closet. If the values ​​which they say they defend with arms are democracy and freedom, can not be revoked in doubt, as the proud judges like to say, there will be no peace either now or ever for the equation that some men, peoples , are ontological enemies. of the values ​​that belong only to the peoples of the West, who draw universal history and constitute the smith of knowledge and laws that are the same for all.

The demonstration could be held in Corviale, but there is a danger that the forgotten people in Roma Capital’s slums may join the brave mothers, and then the army of desperate people may invade the center’s squares without permission from the police headquarters.

We are not wild boars rummaging through overflowing bins in search of food, but we are reduced to poverty due to the traffic and sharing of prey, offset by the pharaonic litigation costs that the mothers who ask the family judges, strong by the permanent . jobs, are systematically convicted and the lucrative salary paid by the convicts, to embrace prisoners of the tyrannical state that tore apart the living core of society, the family, bombed the emotional relationship, biologically determined, between mother and child.

Màneskin sings “we are out of our minds, but different from them”. Even if mothers are banned from protesting for the release of their children, who are prisoners in the public administration, strong because of the inhuman violation of human rights, then the famous Màneskins could be right: “we are out of our minds”.

Not even science has entered the logic of power due to the fact that it could be verified that the country’s command line could be conquered by the best, the deserving, but many who have been placed for ever in the state hierarchy’s organizational structure may be forced to to change jobs.

But there is more: the whole building of “rights,” as it is constructed, can collapse, and this is in conflict with the interests of the few against the sufferings of the many.

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