Children and trees: Confagricoluta Veneto involves the Volparo school

Over 100 primary school children in Volparo, in the province of Padua, will plant about fifty plants tomorrow in the lowland forest created in Legnaro by the municipality in collaboration with the non-profit organization Spiritus Mundi, the province of Padua and Veneto Agriculture. The area where the first 1,050 plants have already been planted will tomorrow be the center of the “Tree Festival” organized by the Comprehensive Institute of Legnaro in collaboration with the municipality, Spiritus Mundi, Veneto Agriculture and Confagricoltura Veneto, which will guide children to discover some educational activities related to forest and forest.

The day predicts at 8.15 am the arrival at the Benedictine court of children from third, fourth and fifth grade in the primary school of Volparo Elena Lucrezia Cornaro Piscopia. 8.45 the meeting “Friendship tree: help us! The importance of trees between ecosystem and pollution ”by the Spiritus Mundi association. 10.30 laboratory “From tree to tree”: activities with Fattoria del Legno and Confagricoltura Veneto. At 11 greetings from Paolo Sterlicchihead teacher of the comprehensive Department of Legnaro; Vincenzo Danielettomayor of Legnaro municipality; Christian Marcolinchairman of the Spiritus Mundi Association; Lodovico GiustinianiPresident of the Confagricoltura Veneto; Nicola Dell’Acqua, Director of Veneto Agriculture. Conclusions trusted Federico CanerCouncilor for Agriculture in the Veneto Region.

This will be followed by the planting done by the children in the common tree with 50 plants donated by Veneto Agriculture among oaks, hornbeam and maple. To guide them in the activity will be Andrea Zenaridealing with forestry issues as Vice-President of Forest Resources and the Arboriculture Sector for Veneto Confagricoltura, owner of the Fattoria del Legno in Caltrano, in the province of Vicenza, where the first training forest certified by the Veneto region was born. “It is important for children to know these forest areas where educational and recreational activities can be performed – he explains – I will guide them by telling them all the way, from observing plants, herbs and flowers to the tree resource, that is, the activities. related to the forest such as wood processing, creation of objects and construction of huts.My farm was the first, with the support of Confagricoltura Veneto, registered in the regional register of educational forests, created by the Veneto region to promote knowledge of the forest sector and spread the culture in the forest reef on the plains, hills and mountains .. The hope is that others will emerge throughout the region to make it clear not only to children but also to adults, the importance of trees for the environment and sustainability ”.

A concept also emphasized by Nicola Dell’Acquadirector of Veneto Agriculture: “The European Union has adopted a forestry strategy that plans to plant 3 billion more plants by 2030. It is important to do so, especially on the plains, both to mitigate the effects of climate change and to reverse the loss of biodiversity. For this, Veneto Agriculture supplies trees, as in this initiative, which helps to achieve this goal, and it is important that children learn to understand the importance of the trees for the environment in which they live and for the future of our planet. “

The extensive Legnaro Institute, which has seven complexes and about 1,100 students, is at the forefront of this front. Several projects have been started or are on the launch pad in the environmental area. “For the first time this year, the involvement of the entire school complex in this initiative is dedicated to trees – emphasizes the headmaster. Paolo Sterlicchi -. Awareness and attention for the area is very much felt, also thanks to the proximity to Agripolis, the University of Legnaro, with which we also have an agreement on an educational garden, which will soon be inclusive, that is, also with social as well as educational. This year, some primary school classes will also participate in a course promoted by the Ministry of Labor, which will see the collaboration between the municipal administrations of Polverara and Legnaro on educational trips to Legnaro’s living forest and to educational holdings. Themes related to biodiversity, soil and water are becoming the department’s guideline: We want students to get the message that the environment is something we are all a part of, and for all ages we propose projects that gradually become more and more complex ”.

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