Between the unraveling of the visions of Anna Rosatis and Anuar Arebi. Exhibition at B4 Gallery in Bologna

in photo © Anuar Arebi – between – from the Escape 2021 project – Italy

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from Chiara Fucci

The enchantment of decay and the will to survive, understood as the engine and strength of everything that surrounds us, is the common thread that binds the works of Anna Rosati and Anuar Arebi exhibited on the occasion of the btween exhibition, curated by Azzurra Immediato and inaugurated it April 23 at the B4 Gallery in Via Vinazzetti4 / in Bologna. It is a dual complementary vision that unites SCARS by Anna Rosati and ESCAPE2021 by Anuar Arebi, two studies that, through a photographic lens and video frame, reveal the essence of what is apparently no longer, but which remains at a deeper glance. . , Anuar Arebi identified it in disused architecture and Anna Rosati in nature. The human element is evoked only in the works of the two artists, but is not present except ideally in decay, which is the product of a cause-effect relationship, consequence, and sign of the course of man. In the destruction, however, there is a will to survive, which figuratively involves this great absent and at the same time accomplice: The man who, on trial, cleans the table, gives up and transforms himself. A peeling wall visible in one of Anuar Arebi’s recordings appears to be the element that materially reveals the pull d’union of the two artists’ works, evoking the bark of the wood isolated in the fog from which Anna Rosatis study starts – visual artist, photographer and graphic designer – who, as she said, with this project focuses on compartmentalization: the ability of the tree to respond to damage caused by human attacks through the isolation of the affected area, from where to just the title of the project: AR, it’s ‘ar’. Details of stems turn into abstractions, in a path that from black and white goes through the different colors in the textures of the shoots, showing the details of the bark – as if they were abstract paintings – and guides the observer’s eye in following what photographic lens have identified, which brings it back to black and white, this time some dried and fallen leaves, which, though no longer alive, retain their wonder. These proposals stimulate a reflection on how much that which still exists, albeit in a different form, can still amaze, in nature as well as in urban space. The latter was witnessed by Anuar Arebi – entrepreneur, musician and videographer – who began his investigation in 2008 looking for places where the keywords are destruction and abandonment, places discovered through a scouting process or inadvertently dug up. Almost in an epiphany way; a study not without risks of the dangers that lie in these areas and often carried out with interim tools: for example, the easel is replaced with stones or something else that can serve as support. Experiences as dangerous as they are fascinating, also because, as Arebi pointed out, they are linked to the philosophy of leaving urban and industrial sites, which in this historical period resonates with the mood and attitude of those who questioned and tried of pandemic experience, he will put what is aside and start a new life. After an initial static study, Anuar Arebi – a multifaceted artist – approached the video element and sound design, creating a combination of cinematic frames, extremely evocative industrial and compositional sounds, reproduced by two monitors flanking his images. AR and ESCAPE2021 therefore appear as two sides of the same coin, with the remainder being destruction but semantically recharged: no longer something that is not, but rather something attached to a motionless here and now that survives and resists in ruins. The exhibition is scheduled for next May 18 and is also part of the tenth edition of ART CITY Bologna, a cultural partnership project between the Municipality of Bologna and Bologna Fiere.

in photo © Anuar Arebi – between – from the Escape 2021 project – Italy
in photo © Anna Rosati – between – from the Scars project

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