Avella, the excellence of culture, health care and entrepreneurship are rewarded

Avella, the excellence of culture, health care and entrepreneurship are rewardedSaturday, May 14, 2022 at At 18.00, the Biancardi Theater in Avella will host the winners of the ninth edition of the International Silver Amphitheater Award 2022, which will award the “Prize”, embodied in a beautiful papmaché sculpture created by the artist Cettina Prezioso depicts in an old coin the Roman amphitheater in the old Abella, for expertise in culture, journalism, health care and entrepreneurship in Campania. The event will be presented by Nello Fontanella, journalist and cultural promoter, Stefania Marotti, journalist from IL MATTINO, in the presence of many welcome institutional guests. There will of course be artistic and musical moments that will make the evening magical. Promoted by Salvatore Guerrieros PMI International and organized by the associations: Pro Loco Abella, La Piccola Cometa, Le Ali della Vita, Pro Loco Baiano, Mela and Viva with moral protection of the Campania region, Avellino province, Avella municipality, Regional Park del Partenio and the ASI Avellino event, born about thirty years ago, and which counts in the golden register of the award-winning great personalities from the world of culture, archeology, entertainment and for five years also entrepreneurial expertise. The setting of the event, the traveling exhibition dedicated to the newspaper IL MATTINO’s 130 years, organized by the Museum & Events Dentice Pantaleone, which will be open to the public on Friday the 12th and welcomes the territory schools in the old editorial office of a newspaper, among the newspaper’s original pages, among which stand out in number 1 of MORNING dated March 16, 1892 and signed by the founder Edoardo Scarfoglio.

The prizes will be awarded to: Prof. Paolo Antonio Ascierto, researcher at the National Cancer Institute Pascale in Naples, who with his studies on melanoma has brought Campania health care to the top of the world’s medical scientific research. To Dr. Giuseppe Colucci, coordinator of AFT2 Baiano – Vallo Lauro Territorial Functional Aggregation, for his involvement in the period of pandemic emergency from Covid19 with a personal mention to all 25 family physicians in the unit. To the Napolitano Nursing Office in Quadrelle, Dr. Carmen Napolitano’s private facility, which was of great support to public health during the period of the pandemic emergency with assistance to patients suffering from diseases other than Covid, who for the latter problem do not do what they were able to use the hospital facilities. For schools, the Manlio Rossi Doria Hospitality Institute in Avellino will be awarded, a school with a high professional profile that creates future operators in the field of tourist hospitality and gastronomy. The Anfiteatro d’Argento Cultura Prize will be awarded to Avv. Domenico Biancardi, Mayor of Avella in two Legislative Assemblies, President of the Comunità Montana and the Province of Avellino, currently a Provincial Councilor, symbol of Avella’s cultural rebirth and territorial and tourist improvement. With the establishment of the Irpinia system and the birth of the foundation of the same name, Irpinia has today with about 30 operating departments in the province relaunched its cultural, tourist and gastronomic calling. 12 entrepreneurial experts who receive the award: Carni De Caro srl, which operates in the industrial core of Pianodardine Avellino, a historic Irpinia company specializing in poultry breeding and slaughter, and which for some years has enriched the historic butcher shop in Avellino with slow food of great eno-gastronomic attraction. For the environmental sector, Ecoglobal Solution srl, a company founded by the Caarmine Guida contractor from Chiusano San Domenico, an expert in the wastewater sector, in wastewater treatment and transport, and in environmental consulting. AS Natura Carni srl from Mugnano del Cardinale, led by the young entrepreneur Antonio Saveriano, a company operating in the slaughter and distribution of meat. With 18 affiliated farms, 6 distribution platforms between hanging and cardboard meat, a controlled and certified quality range, the reinforcement of black pork with the famous hams makes the company the national leader in the sector. The farm D’Antiche Terre srl of Gaetano Ciccarella, for many years the excellence of its grapes has guaranteed the wine and contributed to the growing success of many Irpinia wineries. Dark followers of an unknown success, so the turning point. Create your own basement to redeem a long silence and get out of the shadows. In 1989, he founded D’Antiche Terre, which in the name holds two strengths: the history behind and its peasant roots. Mancaniello torronificio in Mugnano del Cardinale, the first company in the lower Irpinia sector, with over 70 years of history and high quality confectionery products, today directed by Orazio Mancaniello. Still within historic establishments, the old trattoria da Nunziatina, today Ristorante Fusaro, built in the uniformly comfortable location of Avella, born in 1969 and grown in quality and hospitality with a place that can accommodate over 500 seats a day.

Managed by the founders’ children and grandchildren, the reference point for the Avellana restaurant. The Montuori beekeeper, led by Anna Montuori and the expert nomadic beekeeper Antonio Maietta, the sector’s flagship, operating in the Parthenio Park, producing different and rare qualities of honey produced by bees grazing in the unpolluted fields of the Apennines. and the Avellan hills. CO.BI.EM. sas from the Marsella group, located in the industrial area Pianodardine, a leader in Irpinia, in the asphalt and bituminous conglomerates sector and with other companies in the group in the quarry and concrete sector. Productions that make extensive use of recycling materials with fundamental benefits for the environment and the protection of the territory. Virtuoso Global Service srl from Sperone, a dynamic company operating in the industrial, civil and local cleaning sector both in Campania and in Emilia Romagna. Frantoio Arbucci srl in Avella, with its excellent production of olive oil from the Avellan hills. The In Cantiere di Mercogliano restaurant, with its innovative and original structure, the high quality of the food and wine on offer and the major theme nights with internationally renowned chefs. Big Bang srl Avella, a major brand in the household, detergent and utilities sector for institutions and communities led by Vincenzo and Candida Bellisario. A rich program revived by the trio LOV (Laura, Octavian and Valeria Nechita Cristea) from Riccardo D’Avanzo’s theater monologue from Antonietta Gnerre’s poetry. A special tribute will be dedicated to the Irpinia artist Fernando Masi, who died in November 2019 and who for years has told our contemporary history with his art.

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