“Amber does not represent everyone. A utility room is necessary, but also a meeting and a relationship between a community” – Savonanews.it

There is great enthusiasm among theater enthusiasts in Albenga for the expected agreement between the parties, which allows for the next reopening of the Ambra Theater. In a previous article, Savonanews asked Gino Rapa dei Fieui di caruggi and Silvana Ansaldo of the company “Quelli del Wednesday” to express an opinion on the reopening given the great lack of a wide cultural space that could be felt during the long closing period ( read HERE). We have now asked the members of Kronoteatro if they think that the theater company can find an expressive space there in “the new era of Amber”.

The Amber was born as a cinema and brings, for better or worse, all its characteristics explains Tommaso Bianco, one of the historical founders and spokesman for Kronoteatro -. It’s more like a large auditorium, certainly useful for large events, but a stage of such small size, the absence of a ring hanging light, the unbalanced relationship between the stalls and the height of the stage would not allow us to program the type of shows. which characterizes our events, and to which the community of spectators who follow our events has become accustomed, and which has given us the opportunity to receive recognition and acquire authority in the national cultural sector“.

Of course, over the years we have also organized several editions of Kronostagione for your internally, but it is precisely the past, not the future. Our programming over the years is grown and specialized and today imposes other needs than those Amber can offer“. A new and different cultural proposal, therefore.”Then there is a question that is not purely professional or technical, but which more relates to an idea of ​​social and cultural policy – Bianco continues -. We have always pursued the idea of ​​a national community theater, a theater that is not only the place where a performance is enjoyed, but also a community meeting and relationship space, for artistic expression and creation, a permanent laboratory where new recruits can be formed in the entertainment professions , a space that is social, open, vibrant and vital. A space for citizens and for citizens who know how to put the local community in dialogue with the cultural realities of the whole country. We are for a social and modern theater, open 365 days a year, multifunctional and dynamic“.

For some time, the members of Kronoteatro, a company born on the school benches at Liceo Giordano Bruno in Albenga in 2004, have not had a place in the Ingauna town to try out the performances, in fact Bianco explains that “we are currently rehearsing at the National Theater in Genoa, at PimOff in Milan, at Cantiere Creativo Urbano in La Spezia, to name those with whom the relationship is more continuous. Since 2015, we have been a theater production company recognized by the Ministry of Culture, and this requires that we have a production capacity constant and a very high quality standard in the creation of shows. In the next three years we open a new production cycle: we create three new shows in collaboration with three other artistic formations. The creative phase will host, in addition to the aforementioned realities, theaters and residences spread across Italian territory, from Tuscany to Emilia Romagna, from Trieste to Udine“.

We are very proud that these structures believe in our work and act as our home and construction site, but we do not hide a certain sadness in realizing that our work, which has its roots in Albenga, must bear fruit far away. .“.

This does not mean that we forget the place from which it all started, and we will, as always, continue to do our best to ensure that Albenga can continue to be recognized as an important center for promotion and production of the languages ​​of the modern scene. Having to set up shows away from home, in a room not managed by us, requires us to spend more and less time available. – points out -, does not allow us to interact with the local community, shows them previews of the shows that are then programmed elsewhere, and does not allow us, even at a later time, to program them here. This is our biggest problem to date, and although we are happy with the solution found for Amber, we wonder when we can also find a solution to be able to perform our work in the best possible way.“.

The company is already in 2021 an “orphan” of “Spazio Bruno”, the historic site of Albenga high school, where Kronoteatro was born and raised, and where “Kronostagione” was performed, a much awaited and followed selection of theater performances. On the white dot, he explains that “we have identified a room owned by the municipality to be restored and furnished as a theater hall with appropriate technical equipment, which could become the place of sociality and cultural and theatrical creation and promotion that we talked about before“.

Despite delays, bureaucratic and financial difficulties, we are trying to implement this project so ambitious and complicated, at the limit of our possibilities. We ask for that to the administration, committed, as it did to Amber, in contributing to success of the company by doing everything in its power to guarantee stability and continuity work, to give the city a new opportunity for cultural development and to restart Kronostagione, which had been going on uninterruptedly for thirteen years“.

There are many uses that this space could have, as conceived by Kronoteatro: “It could become home to associations, exhibition space for school essays, dance and more. There it is possible to arrange workshops and courses for the professional industry figures from all over the world. It could be the creative abode for amateurs and professional companies. It could be the meeting place of an entire community, no longer called to be a passive spectator, but the first promoter of cultural change in the city“.

We are as always ready to roll up our sleeves and do our best and that’s us willing to use all our energy and abilities“.

And he concludes: “We want to ask citizens and administrators a question: what is the future we want for the city? What is the project, the vision, the horizon? What kind of cultural policy do we want to pursue? What do we think the future generation of citizens deserves?“.

Deputy Mayor Alberto Passino replied on the subject that “Our administration has always believed and focused resolutely on culture, and we will certainly do our best to ensure that Kronoteatro also finds the most suitable accommodation for the company’s needs. We have already done this by identifying the municipal property and setting it aside for cultural purposes. We await the necessary additions from Kronoteatro after the public evidence already carried out by the institution, and when the final remodeling project is present in the case, we will evaluate everything as a whole.“.

Amber, which is not the property of the municipality – specifies Passino , is led by the Ingaunia Theater and will soon finally be able to reopen it to the public. This indispensable place for the city’s cultural expression is the only enclosed space that has up to 450 seats. Culture is an infinite universe where there is room for everyone, in fact our commitment is so that all cultural realities, theatrical and not, can express themselves in the best possible way in our city.“.

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