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On one side Provence, an area that historically specializes in the production of rosé: a system from 27 thousand hectares and 150 million bottles a year, representing the first French region for the production of appellation rosé and boasting a share equivalent to 4.3% of world production of pink wines. The only wine region that dedicates up to 91% of its rosé potential, Provence, to this three-year program funded by the European Community has chosen Valtènesi, a small area with 1000 hectares of vineyards on the Brescia coast of Lake Garda, where rosé is a tradition now over a hundred years old, and where production, around 2 million bottles, has grown in value and volume for several years at an average rate of 10% (+ 17% in 2021).

Presented in Milan at a press conference with the representatives of the Consorzio Valtènesi and the CIVP-Conseil Interprofessional des Vinst de Provence, the project will develop around the creation of a three-year campaign on the heritage of rosé wines DOC and AOC for the Valtènesi – Riviera del Garda Classico and Provence (divided into three major appellations: Côtes de Provence with its five territories Sainte-Victoire, Fréjus, La Londe, Pierrefeu and Notre-Dame des Anges, and Coteaux d ‘Aix -En-Provence and Coteaux Varois en Provence) in major European markets such as Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. The goal will primarily be millennials to strengthen the emotional and experiential bond between consumers in these three major countries and increase the perception of the real qualitative value of appellation roses, types not known as much as they deserve.

From left: Eric Pastorino, President of the CIVP, and Alessandro Luzzago, President of the Consorzio Valtènesi.

The whole will see direct involvement of influencers from the three different countries concerned, who become the campaign’s ambassadors by arranging tours in France and Italy, where they get the opportunity to get to know the areas in question directly. The social aspect will not be lacking through the creation of a website with local Instagram accounts. Several B2B and B2C events are also included in the package.

For our consortium, this represents initiative a huge leap in quality in terms of image, perception and international recognition – comments the chairman of the Valtènesi Consortium Alessandro Luzzago-. This is certainly not an isolated episode, but rather the culmination of a journey that began some time ago with the five-year study of our rosé wine’s sensory profile conducted by the Center du Rosé in Vidauban: but with Rosé Connection, Valtènesi is actually accredited by Provence, a leading region in the world, as an essential reference point in the Italian production of Italian rosé wines of the highest quality, with a strong traditional vocation and historical identity. For us, this is a source of honor and great pride. “

It is important to emphasize that despite the different and obvious dimensions, the project, starting in May 2022, will see the two consortia involved as equals in accordance with their respective and specific characteristics.

Strength pkilled by AOP wines from Provence at European level along with the beautiful wine region Valtènesi is a great pride for us – says CIVP President Eric Pastorino -. Our two regions, which for centuries have specialized in appellation rosé wine, combine their know-how, their landscapes, their art of living and an important common ambition: that which the wines from Provence and Valtènesi are recognized as the absolute points of reference for rosé wines on the basis of their exceptional level of quality “.

To christen this new partnership in Milan was Ais Lombardia, which after the presentation involved over 100 professional staff in a comprehensive guided tasting of the two faiths.

Every year, our sommelier tasters complete a long and demanding training course, which ends with sessions dedicated to the analysis of wines, which will then be judged in Viniplus’ regional guide and in the Lombardy section of the national Vitae guide – concludes Hosam Eldin Abou Eleyoun, President of AIS Lombardia -. This in-depth study of rosé wines from two areas so closely linked to this typology has allowed us a comparison and analysis that is truly essential to our training.

A moment of presentation at the Westin Palace in Milan.

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