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COUNTRY WAR – Friday May 13 the 4th edition of “Travel Culture Award – BellaVita Controguerra”, An initiative organized by the Municipality of Controguerra (Ministry of Culture) and sponsored by the University of Teramo and the Controguerra wine farmers and which will be celebrated with the delivery of“ Decanter d’oro ”.

An event planned by Deputy Mayor Fabrizio By Bonaventura through an idea born in 2011, with the birth, together with oncologist Giampiero Porzio, of social solidarity initiatives with the original purpose of supporting ONLUS “L’Aquila per la Vita”, engaged in home care for patients with cancer.

The recognition of the fourth edition of the “Travel Culture Prize” is awarded to two grades: Friday, May 13 at. 18:00 the singer and author Marco is celebrated. Ligabue as just a recognition of the work done over the years. Ligabue, which is well-known in the music industry, has recently become even more prominent for having published the book entitled: Greet me from your brother.

Marco Ligabue and Andrea Barbi present “E-ReSalutami your brother“.
In the marvelous setting of Controguerra, where Marco Ligabue at. 18.00 picks up the travel culture award, kl. 20:00 Andrea Barbi and Marco Ligabue will take the stage with an innovative and fun presentation formula – showcase of the book “Greet me your brother”.

The book is written by the singer-songwriter from Correggio and recounts all phases of Marco’s story in an intimate and sincere tale of privacy, enlightening memories, ironic anecdotes and a lot of rock’n’roll. Pages imbued with warmth, authenticity and unmistakable sunshine, which quickly run off, leaving a smile on their face and a desire, as happens with good books, to get to know and become friends with their author. And thanks to the witty questions from the histrionic TV host Andrea Barbiwe will discover new background with a strong Emilian flavor.

Between music, chat, a glass of Lambrusco, a little Parmigiano Reggiano and Balsamic vinegar from Modena, we with Andrea and Marco will relive some of the thirty-three chronicles that characterize the book “Greet me your brother” published by Pendragon.

The second handover ceremony of “Guldkarafen“, Which will be held on Sunday 15 May at 18.00, the actor Marco offers Ripoldi known for appearing with the video creators of Il Terzo Segreto di Satira, whose ironic political background videos are popular on YouTube. Ripoldi is also active in cinema and has starred in several films, including Si muore tutti Christian Democrats in 2017, which marks the debut on the big screen for Il Terzo Segreto di Satira, and Welcome Back President! with Claudio Bisio in 2019.

The festival, declares Culture Councilor Fabrizio Di Bonaventura, will be held in a three-day event that will see its opening moment on Friday 13 May at 5.30pm, where the ribbon-cutting will be attended by: the Mayor of Controguerra Franco Carlettathe President of Vignaioli di Controguerra Massimiliano Choirthe parish priest of Controguerra Don Matteo Baiocco D’Angelothe scientific popularizer Giammaria De PaulisMayor of Teramo Gianguido D’Albertothe magnificent rector of the University of Teramo Dino Mastrocolasinger and writer Marco will attend the ceremony Ligabue and actor Marco Ripoldi.

This edition proposes the presentation of three books: Saturday, May 14 at. 16:00 “Arrigo Sacchi. Beyond the dream ”by Sergio Barducciinterview by Luca Zarroli. It’s hard, if not almost impossible, to add something new to Arrigo Sacchi. In recent years about him, and about him, pretty much everything and the opposite of everything has been written and said. Sergio Barducci traces a new profile, revealing a face of Sacchi hitherto remained unknown to most: his most intimate part.
“Beyond the Dream” tells the feelings, affections, ties, fears and emotions of the man who has been celebrated in the world with the most exciting definitions: the inventor of modern football, the man who changed football, the champion over whole generations of coaches, a of the best coaches in the history of football.

A new book will be previewed on Saturday, May 14 at. 18:00 with the title “The toast of the teetotal poet (published by Verdone).

Taking a look at the list of wines and liqueurs stored in Vittoriale’s cellars, it’s hard to believe that Gabriele d’Annunzio may have been a retiree, even aquatic, that he himself liked to define himself. 295 prestigious Italian and foreign bottles say much about the refinement of the palate of those who had always said that they preferred water, perhaps mineral water, over the nectar of Bacchus from the Franciscan. This is according to Enrico’s recent study By Carlo and Luca Bonacini.

D’Annunzio takes the reader by the hand and accompanies him among Belpaes’ wine shoots, with some excursions across the Alps. Again, the poet becomes an exceptional guide, along the most famous “wine paths” that meander through twelve regions. Only a few knew Italy at the time like him. His descriptions of cities and towns are memorable. The difference is that this time each description is sublimated in front of a glass of Soave Veronese or Chianti Toscano, by Montepulciano d’Abruzzo bathing the Ligurian coasts with Vernaccia di Corniglia, the Sardinian coasts with Nepente di Oliena, the Sardinian coasts with the same ease, the landscape of the Parma hills with Malvasia, the Gulf of Naples, with Falerno and the white Capri, and Sicily with its Marsala. His aesthetic attitude led him to believe that he had always despised alcohol, praised and praised water, so much so that he even advertised the spa. On the contrary, he turns out to be a surprising writer who loves wines and liqueurs, which he often resorted to on private and intimate occasions, such as when he was in the company of a friend.
The book reveals this background through careful research and thanks to unpublished documents highlighting the relationship of esteem and courtesy with producers and restaurateurs, from whom he asked for bottles of good wine in exchange for which photograph with dedication. Giammaria De Paulis and Dino Mastrocola will speak.

Sunday, May 15 at 16:00 “Across the World, in motion across five continents ”by Ugo Passerini, interview by Serena Suriani. This work stems from an initiative to raise funds in connection with the InMotoConL’Africa project within the CUAMM Doctors with Africa campaign. In Sierra Leone, an experience that tells how the motorcycle in South Sudan and Uganda is used for transportation to and from hospitals because it is the vehicle that overcomes some problems on the local roads.

“An agreement that is followed and valued returns to the municipal Enoteca, then – concludes Deputy Mayor Fabrizio Di Bonaventura – it will allow us to know, thanks to these events, places and life experiences that do not concern us directly, but for “This very reason is extraordinarily beautiful. And also on this occasion, I am sure that many will appreciate the many beauties of the world of travel culture, the initiative will be carried out in person and broadcast live on the Facebook page BellaVita Controguerra”.


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